Multijump From/To Send


Tool for maximum easy handling of jumping thru all track <-> send track connections. Two shortcuts:
"Jump to send"
"Jump from send"

It is kind of "multi-jump" with support for multiple sends. Also always displays current connection in status line. Also support multiband sends.


This tool adds some options for how the pattern editor edit step function behaves.

The tool has persistent options that are set through a dialog that can be found under Tools-menu. Note that using some options also require that you reassign your shortcut keys for row navigation. For more information, consult the brief manual and the tooltips on options-dialog.

V 1.4
-New compact gui scheme
-Renamed a wrapping option more consistently
-Added shortcuts for moving a single row (normal movement)
-revised the manual a bit


Add marks to locations in Renoise.

Use letters as markers of positions in patterns and the renoise GUI.
Positions remembered include:

  • Pattern, track, line and note column
  • Selected instrument
  • Top, Middle and bottom panel view

Marks are saved in the “Marks” instrument and will be saved
together with the song so they are restored when the song is reopened at a
later time.

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