Introducing Renoise 3.1

We are happy to announce the beta release of Renoise 3.1.

This release focuses on bringing various enhancements to the sound engine, as well as adding a few long-requested features (such as MIDI routing) and other workflow enhancements.

Read the release notes to learn more about the release, and download the latest build from our backstage (exclusively for our registered users).

Release Notes

Announcing Redux

"The family is growing"

Redux is a performance-oriented sampler and phrase sequencer for Digital Audio Workstations and other plugin hosts on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Click the link below for more information

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Renoise Downloads

“Sounds from the community”

Our community was recently upgraded with free file hosting. Sign up with our forum to gain access to this ever-expanding universe of sounds, effect presets and more.

Introducing Downloads

Customize your workflow

This website contains a plethora of community-contributed scripts: various workflow enhancers, synthesized sound-generators, scripts oriented toward live performance, and much more. Browse the tool page to learn more about each tool, and become surprised at just how Renoise can be customized?

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