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Our community was recently upgraded with free file hosting. Sign up with our forum to gain access to this ever-expanding universe of sounds, effect presets and more.

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Renoise 3.0 has arrived

Supercharged instruments, phrases, real-time performance options, new DSP and pattern effects, reworked GUI. Follow the link below to read the release notes, with detailed descriptions of the new features, screenshots and more.

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Customize your workflow

This website contains a plethora of community-contributed scripts: various workflow enhancers, synthesized sound-generators, scripts oriented toward live performance, and much more. Browse the tool page to learn more about each tool, and become surprised at just how Renoise can be customized?

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Tutorial: Audio Mangling through Slicing - Slice Markers Explained

Sample slice markers were added to Renoise in version 2.7. In this article, I will go into a little bit more depth about what they are, how they work, and some interesting uses you can put them to. So if you haven't yet familiarised yourself with this feature, read on.

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Tutorial: 10 Ways to Extend Renoise's Internal Sequencer

Ever since Renoise 2.6 arrived in late 2010, we have been able to communicate with external hardware, build custom user interfaces and perform direct manipulation of pattern data - all of which could be considered prerequisites for creating a sequencer.
Since then, numerous tools have appeared, each one with it's own unique spin on things...

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Artist Interview: Cristian Vogel

The latest in our series of In:Depth interviewees should need no introduction. Cristian Vogel's been continuously keeping busy exploring everything from sound design to live improvisation to contemporary dance productions to good old wonky techno bangers.
And now he's making a Renoise album...

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