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Redhoot Oboemonger
I Am Robot And Proud
Aria Rostami
Cristian Vogel
Hitori Tori


Starting out as a strictly Drum & Bass producer in Detroit, Jeremy Howard aka Sinistarr has gained a healthy catalog of releases and remixes on prestigious drum & bass labels such as Metalheadz, Hospital Records, Project 51, Renegade Hardware, and many others, but has grown into new tempos and styles across the electronic music genre. Sinistarr is one of the leaders of the dance music new school, a triple-threat as a DJ/Producer/serial Remixer who's as well known for his forward-thinking beats as he is for nightclub domination. Representing Detroit, Sinistarr's attacking both headphones and dancefloors for 2015.

If you know drum and bass you know Sinistarr as a respected junglist who's dropped heavyweight tracks over the years on Goldie's Metalheadz imprint, Doc Scott’s 31 Recordings, Hospital Records, Architecture Recordings and Renegade Hardware. Recently though, the man's been everywhere, applying his signature style to diverse sounds like footwork, techno and house with releases and remixes on SMOG, Tectonic, Sub:lvl Audio, Human Elements, Seclusiasis, Juke Trax, and Loose Squares that show him moving beyond dance music conventions and constantly reaching out to a new audience. He’s even joined on as a member of the seminal group Urban Tribe, a team led by Drexciya member Stingray313 who boasts Carl Craig, Moodymann, and Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir as other contributors.

On why he chose Renoise for his productions:
"The fact that I was able to write down whatever that was in my head by simply mapping it out, rather than having to worry about renegade midi ticks and strange automation. Renoise is a next-level notation software that has upped my workflow completely."

John Tejada

With both his parents being professional classical musicians, it might not be a surprise that John Tejada has become known as one of the most prolific and consistent producers in today’s eletronic music landscape. Trained on drums and the piano from an early age, the LA-based composer has since amassed his own impressive skill set, embracing the music as a personal frontier, expanding on his resume as a techno recording artist as producer, remixer, DJ, and label owner. Known for crafting a brand of subtle, musical sonics, his recorded output ranges across tempo and genre lines, from chilled out affairs with spacious arrangements to pulsating, densely layered, deeply energetic tracks that work magnificently in the hands of DJs as well as on the home stereo.

Before hooking up with Kompakt, the much-acclaimed studio wizard had already made his own dent in the musical universe, thanks to a flurry of top-tier releases on labels such as Steve Bug’s Pokerflat Recordings, the legendary Plug Research imprint, 7th City, R&S Generations and many more - but nothing prepared the world for those exquisite bangers „Sweat On The Walls“ and „Mono On Mono“, both released in 2004, with the latter being one of the most fervently beloved classics on John’s own label Palette Recordings. It’s here that John has continuously honed his skills, together with friends and long-time collaborators like Arian Leviste, Justin Maxwell or classical jazz guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto (as band project I’m Not A Gun).

Besides his work in the trenches of modules, patches and other things spelled synth, John has developed some serious DJ acumen over the years - travelling around the globe to light up renowned clubs and festivals such as Movement (the event formerly known as the Detroit Electronic Music Festival), Sonar Festival (both the Spain and Tokyo instalments), Dance Valley (Netherlands), Sync Festival (Greece), Mutek, Fabric (London), Yellow (Tokyo), Rex Club (Paris), The Walt Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles) and many, many more. It’s somewhat admirable, then, that the man still finds time for his studio explorations - but the quality of the releases he has unleashed upon Kompakt alone (including brilliant full-length offerings and a couple of much-liked 12"es) bears witness to the musical talent that is John Tejada.


FFF started making music mid 90s, mainly influenced by Jungle, breakbeat hardcore, rave and digital hardcore. Released his music on labels like Planet Mu, Kool.Pop, Mindbender, Sprengstoff, Hong Kong Violence, K-produktions, Sonic Beligeranza, Ketacore, Clash and the Japanese Murder Channel label. Which released his first full length album "20.000 hardcore members can't be wrong" in 2011.

He organised the now legendary "Breakcore a gogo" events (together with Bong-Ra) at Waterfront Rotterdam and organised parties with the Wreck havoc crew since 2004. Since 2012 he's promoting shows and releasing music with the Rotterdam based Encounters records.
Toured around the world playing from squat parties to festivals. His releases and livesets are always a blend of Jungle, Riotbeats, raggacore, Rave and a dose of gabber.


Originally from the future, Binärpilot has gained underground notoriety for his support of piracy and outspoken criticism of the music industry. In fear of his work being corrupted by the pursuit of monetary rewards, he releases all his music for free and has stated he will continue to do so forever. True to this, all of his equipment and releases are paid for with donations from fans.

"Hoping one day to create something unique. Something out of this world."

Akira Kiteshi

After honing his skills in the badly lit basements and Velcro floored clubs of Edinburgh, Akira Kiteshi AKA Tommy Forrest has pulled off a meteoric ascension of nose bleeding velocity. With his debut release Pinball smashing its way out of the Hip Hop scene crashing through the walls of Dubstep landing main stage. Now a widely acknowledged UK Bass classic with plays across international radio, Pinball was also featured in Universal's Step Up 3D and Jason Derulo's live shows!

Now a recognized leader of the form, his debut album 'Industrial Avenue' is garnering support from a roll call that includes names like Mixmaster Mike, Busy P, Benga, Laurent Garnier, Nero and Chase & Status, every new Akira creation is anticipated across the electronic music gamut.

Cristian Vogel

Cristian Vogel is a composer and music producer, known for his experimental techno performances, compositions and productions. Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he now lives and works in Geneva. Over more than 18 years he has recorded a number of albums and released on eminent experimental techno labels such as Tresor Berlin, Novamute and Mille Plateaux.

Renoise interviews Cristian Vogel


The Datassette project is a series of electronic music recordings by John M Davies, and as the name would suggest there is a heavy influence of the C64 SID Chip at work here. The Datashat Project is a pseudonym used for dodgy bastard pop remixes and DJ appearances.

Renoise interviews Datassette

Venetian Snares

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Funk is known for making electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (mostly 7/4). He is an unusually prolific artist, having released records on the History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen record labels.


Enduser is the bastard son of KRS-One, Skinny Puppy, and Photek. Raised on a steady diet of hip-hop and early jungle records, Enduser smashes through genre walls with alternating punches of industrial strength drum and bass and hip-hop flavored breakcore.

DJ Hidden

DJ Hidden is a Dutch DJ, producer and artist spinning and producing Drum 'n Bass and Hardcore Techno. Atmospheric, sometimes heavily distorted dark sounds characterize his music - which has been released on a wide range of record labels.


Lackluster, born Esa Juhani Ruoho, October 26, 1978, in Helsinki, Finland, started producing music at the age of 15. He has spent 20 years of his life in Kontula, Eastern Helsinki, Finland. He composes music with various stepsequencers, and has released music on quite a few netlabels such as Monotonik, Kahvi Collective, Acroplane, TwoCircles and Yuki Yaki.

cEvin Key

cEvin Key is a founding member of the industrial music band Skinny Puppy, along with Nivek Ogre. In addition to his work with Skinny Puppy, cEvin Key has had several side Projects; including Doubting Thomas, Cyberaktif, Hilt and Tear Garden. He was also at one point a drummer and song-writer for synthpop group, Images in Vogue.

Bizzy B

Bizzy B's Brain Records was one of the most forward thinking labels in the early days when "hardcore rave" was becoming jungle. Many of the productions on the label are by Bizzy B himself, although this was also the place where artists like Slammin Vinyl's DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer (as DJ Red Alert & Pepsi), Technical Itch (as Plasmic Life), Peshay, Equinox (3) and TDK had their debut releases. Bizzy B released on other pionering labels as well; Slowjam & DarkIII on Whitehouse, Stamina and Raw Dogs Relik on Suburban Base, and many more. In 2002 he was producing 2-step and Breaks with his Undercover Agents label, drum'n'bass under the "Warped Science" moniker in 2003, and most recently he's dropping science on Planet-Mu. With almost two decades of underground breakbeat promotion and production under his belt, this man is simply a legend of the genre.

Otto von Schirach

Otto von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist from Miami, Florida. He is of Cuban/German descent. Otto's live performances include outfits, masks and props, and he has toured with the band Skinny Puppy.

Richard Devine

Richard Devine is an American electronic musician and sound designer whose music, characterized by complex rhythms and heavy use of DSP, gained popularity among IDM fans after remixing Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy”.

I Am Robot and Proud

I Am Robot and Proud is a one-man electronic artist from Toronto, Ontario. He also played in the now-defunct band Sea Snakes. He has been releasing records under this name since 2001.


At the age of 14, Xerxes started producing music using an Amiga 500. He is a deeply respected ambient artist and has played alot of festivals the last years, both as a dj and with his band "Xerxes Live".

Hitori Tori

In 1998 Julian La Brooy’s four track recorder was tragically destroyed. A sound tracker completely changed everything and Hitori Tori was born. Agitated breaks became combined with tweaked arpeggiated synth lines, some cut up vocals, and a few lugubrious tones thrown into the background for good measure.

Early releases included tracks as part of the electronic duo Finch on the Sugarmonk/Interchill Om Complilation in 1999. Fasp, another musical incarnation, released an album on the net label NISHI in 2002. Contributing a track to Balanced Records’ Northern Faction 4 compilation, Hitori Tori continued with his meticulously detailed productions.

Hitori Tori Talks Renoise Live Tricks


Hunz is one of the familiar names involved in the demoscene of the 1990s. He grew up in Brisbane, Australia and began working on tracker music in his early teens. He is noted for being one of the first trackers to make the unconventional move of adding vocals to the compositions.

Interview with Hunz in the Renoise forum


Vivace is Rotterdam-based Jordy Timmermans, the progressive dancemusic producer known for his dramatic classical compositions, intense bebop breakbeat manipulations and groundbreaking approach to digitally modulated hexadecimal synthesizing.


Lost in the search for the perfect beat, the Finnish native Lauri Saine keeps shaping his sound signature forward. His first encounters with music production date back to 1995, the internet was about to bloom and there was no turning back. After the turn of the millennia, Saine released most of his hip-hop/jazz influenced tracks on the now-legendary Tokyo Dawn. Since then the 27-year-old musician has launched two solo albums on Helsinki-based Cymbidium Records, a self-released EP (free download here) and finally his third long player Long Time No See.

Saine! Long Time No See in the blog

Easily Embarrassed

The Dutch brothers Van der Schilden and Peter Spaargaren have been exploring musical emotions with deep, atmospheric layers since 2006, forming the electronic act 'Easily Embarrassed'. Combining various styles and flavors, from electro to ambient and from dub to psychedelic, they blend retro synthesizing with today's sound design.

Hailing from the EE Studio in Aalsmeer, Holland, they've already earned their marks releasing 2 free EP's "From Sunset Last Night to Sunrise This Morning" and "Darkened Emotion". Easily Embarrassed moved on from there, leaving the demo scene behind when they released their debut album "Idyllic Life" on Cardamar Music. The up- and downtempo flows of 'Easily Embarrassed' has developed strongly over the years, not afraid to venture into the unknown, but always staying true to their own, distinct sound.

Velvet Acid Christ

Velvet Acid Christ (VAC) is an electro-industrial band based in Denver, Colorado USA. The majority of the band's work is categorized among the genres of industrial, Gothic, electro-industrial, and EBM. The band's tone ranges between angry, upbeat, sad, and psychedelic. The band's lyrical content offers a varied focus, including such topics as love, hate, depression, misanthropy, drugs, and religion. Bryan Erickson is the group's main songwriter. The band was formed in 1990, gaining limited popularity in Europe's underground nightclub scene during the mid-1990s before expanding into other markets in the goth and industrial subcultures. The band's discography includes 12 albums.


Wataru Arakaki, aka "Maya", is a Japanese electro-pop artist and producer born in 1996.
When he was 15, he started to compose using Renoise.
He loves to show his sounds using intricately designed tracker patterns.


The German project STAHLSCHLAG was created in the first half of 00s to produce smashing rhythmic noise songs with influences of post-industrial genres as dark electro, techno body music and electro-industrial mixed with with oldschool sound influences and ambient pieces to cover a wide range of dark electronic music. Their powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for industrial dancefloor madness. The project released sixth studio full-length albums over 13 years via different labels but also offer their music for free and continue to do so forever. They also did several collaborations with genre related artists for remix exchanges which were published on several releases too. There is also an ongoing Christmas release to turn classic Christmas tracks into noisy industrial songs which will get a new song every year.

STAHLSCHLAG uses Renoise for all compositions and always will do so because the workflow in it, gives them best possibilities to be as creative as possible. It offers just a great way to write smashing distorted beats they prefer for their songs.


Since first experimenting with music software in 1995, Baltimore based DJ and producer Ryan “K-Rai” Stinnett has continued to create and release music with over a dozen albums, EPs, and remixes across a range of styles. A pioneer in electronic music, performing original, Techno, Breaks, & IDM influenced material live with laptops and a DJ mixer before the term “laptop DJ” entered the general lexicon. Along the way meeting fellow laptop musicians, a crew known as Cytoplastik. Deep in Baltimore’s warehouse art-scene, they put on gallery openings with full-on after-parties and released a compilation “Pods” in 2003. That year K-Rai also started participating in the Philly Laptop Battles presented by Seclusiasis. Later, a finalist at the Mid-Atlantic Laptop Battle in DC, 2005. Always hungry to create and push things further, K-Rai is no stranger to collaboration. After forming a duo dubbed The Megadrives with Joseph Clark in 2006, both of whom had just switched to using Renoise production software, K-Rai then became victor of Philly Laptop Battle #7 in 2007. Under this new project they released multiple well-received albums on their label Quantum Groove, consistently gigged, and have appeared on various film and video game soundtracks, such as the documentary Fagbug, and the retro inspired game Gunlord (CGR 2012 game of the year).

Since 2012, K-Rai’s focus shifted to blending the sounds of Juke, Jungle, Footwork, and Drum&Bass, while touching on Techno, Down-Tempo, Garage, Grime and Bmore Club. Melding these seemingly disparate influences until something new emerges. K-Rai has featured mixes on Reprezent Radio, Juke Bounce Werk, Bassota, and Expansion Broadcast. Notable releases include the Footwork debut EP “Up the Ante” on FUSION, Techno single/remix EP “Brokken” featuring remixes by Micfreak and Keny99 on Funktrap Records (made beatport’s Top 5 Hard Dance releases), an exclusive remix of Normaling “Ignobiles” on Space is the Place Records, Quantum Groove compilations, and a remix of Aligning Minds “Ether Perfect” on (reached #1 on the Future Garage charts). With new tracks always in the works, K-Rai will continue to push the boundaries with his own genre-defying electronic music.

El Pres Beats

El Pres Beats is a hip-hop producer from the Netherlands, currently based in London. He started making beats in 1998, sampling his parents' vinyl collections and vinyl he bought from second hand stores. Initially working with FastTracker 2, he started using Renoise in 2003 and has remained loyal ever since.

In 2011 he released El Pres - Glenwood Hostel EP 12", a collaboration with some of New York's finest lyricists and the Netherlands' best turntablists. In 2014 an instrumental album on vinyl called El Pres Beats - Fly Dutchman was released on Phil Weeks' Robsoul Recordings' side label Robsoul Jazz. In 2018 Creature feat. Homeboy Sandman - Rollercoaster (El Pres Beats Remix) was featured on episode 4 (Quaking Grass) of American TV series The Chi (Showtime). El Pres Beats has also done production on projects by other artists, such as Starvin B & Nutso.

Influences are, among others, Gang Starr (DJ Premier), Wu-Tang (RZA, Tru Master, 4th Disciple), A Tribe Called Quest (The Ummah, Dilla), De La Soul (Prince Paul) and Pete Rock.


Player_1 (aka Gracz Pierwszy [PL]) is an electronic music artist from Poland whose favourite style is the electro. He started his adventure with music composing in late 90's as a teenager when he discovered the ProTracker software on his Commodore Amiga 600 computer and after that he never stopped.

At the beginning he was focused mostly on Amiga demoscene and computer games dreaming of being a member of one of the famous groups and that thing was pushing him to make more music and trying to build some projects with other people. On his way he met also the Fasttracker on PC which he was using for making funny remixes and hip-hop beats for Highschool MC's. He expanded style horizons being inspired mostly by Jean Michel Jarre, Liam Howlett "The Prodigy" and his love to electro style was firestartered by set of DJ Dave Clarke - Electro Boogie X-Mix which includes a lots of great electro artist tracks.

The revolution of possibilities for Player_1 was a time when he discovered the most modern tracker which is the Renoise DAW and he realised that he can continue his "music-do" with no limits now. Player_1 is open artist for other styles as well, projects, collaborations and remix contests and you can find this in his production. Today he's strongly focused on developing his music skills and good sounding. Many topics inspire him especially science, technology and philosophy.
Official Remixes:


Infest (Robbert Peperkamp) has been producing breakbeat music for more than a decade now and he is known for a string of highly emotive drum and bass releases on a variety of well-respected labels like Outsider Music, Subtle Audio, Repertoire and Criterion Records. Infest is not only a respected DJ and producer, but also label boss of Next Phase Records, an exciting label that aims to release an eclectic mix of breakbeat driven music unrestricted by BPM.

Music, design and art have run through his blood since childhood and his appetite for expression and an attention to detail stands at the forefront of every track, design or painting Robbert crafts. Musically, Robbert sites a diverse list of artists as a constant source of inspiration. Boards of Canada, God Speed You Black Emperor and Radiohead sit proudly alongside drum and bass pioneers LTJ Bukem, Paradox and Source Direct.

Although varied in style and tempo these artists share common themes that help to shape the Infest sound, most notably a mutual desire to experiment and an eagerness to form an emotional bond with their audience. Robbert achieves this connection by building rich cinematic and emotive productions that combine with his artwork to form an audio visual journey through a wonderfully vivid universe overflowing with empathy.

Gloom Influx

Montreal-based producer Luc Leclerc, under his Gloom Influx pseudonym, creates energetic darksynth - also known as workout music for metalheads. The perfect soundtrack for a TV show where Miami vice is mixed with the awakening of a Lovecraftian monster, it is pure unadulterated and infectious high energy from start to finish.

Gloom Influx is signed to Neuropa Records (Belgium).

Gavin Graham - Bitpop Labs

Gavin Graham was a demoscene musician and programmer on the Commodore 64 & Amiga home computers in the 80s & 90s who has an affinity with those older 8-bit soundchips such as the MOS6581/8580, Atari TIA/Pokey and AY2681.

Today, Gavin is recreating covers in the Bitpop genre and exploring how these 8-bit home synthesisers can be transformed into a fusion of old and new electronica.

Gavin considers himself and his music to be a anarchic display of the pop-culture anti-hero by repurposing defunct computer sound hardware to create a bridge between an underground electronic music culture and the mainstream music medium.



Tanukichi is a Japanese Hardtek DJ & Producer. Co-founder of and ex-Street Fighter 2 champion.

His music is filled with Happy Tekcore beats, as well as the many wonky Japanese soups and strong breaks of Wasabi.

Today Tanukichi has been kicking many parties and festivals around Europe with his ultra sonic sound which is created by Renoise.

Blue Stahli

Blue Stahli is a surgeon of sound. He stitches together chopped up guitars, bass synths, electro beats, and vocal hooks into lush mixes of varying genres with surprising prowess and authenticity. In one turn, his catalog will take a listener from metallic heaviness to electronic ambience.

Influenced by movies such as Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, Bubblegum Crisis, and other 90s cyberpunk, Blue Stahli started making music in the tracker programs Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker (which were a big part of the demoscene and used to create videogame soundtracks). The modern tracker, Renoise, continues to be Blue Stahli’s canvas of choice for producing his brand of electronic rock, bass music, French electro and even on the videogame score to Ubisoft’s The Crew: Motorfest in the tradition of the original tracker pioneers.

Beginning in 2009 with his smash single, ULTRAnumb, Blue Stahli continues to blend genres and media having appeared in films and TV shows such as Lights Out and American Horror Story in addition to creating original songs for videogames like Cyberpunk 2077, and appearing in trailers for Destiny 2, and Call of Duty. As an evolving and prolific songwriter, producer, and artist, he has released 11 studio albums including the deadchannel_Trilogy consisting of Quartz, Copper, and Obsidian. He also releases material under his secondary moniker, Sunset Neon.


Bz Akira Santjago

Hi, I'm Bz, I'm italian, I'm a musician and audio/video composer, I create punk electronic music with Renoise and above the music, I create artistic videomusic mash up themed (culture jamming, art, artivism, social, spiritual); I work on associations, images <-> images, images <-> music, pictures <-> sounds and conceptual associations. In my work I use the technique of Détournement, I subvert the meaning of the original images to create new meanings and a new story. I have participated in several art festivals in Rome and in Italy (Mash Rome Film Fest, Rome Vintage etc.)


Bovaflux is the alter-ego of videogame developer Eddie Symons. Raised in the United Kingdom on classic home computer systems like the Spectrum and Amiga, he taught himself from a young age how to program and use trackers, utilising the technology around him to create his own worlds to get lost in. His music is characterised by a combination of warm melodies and intricate beat structures, inspired by classic Warp & Rephlex artists. He has released music on Highpoint Lowlife, Struktur and Recycled Plastics as well as his own [d]-tached records.


The Electronica of WÆLDER from Vienna and Berlin oscillates between Ambient, Post-Dubstep and Pop, it scrapes past weird Folk and LoFi and sounds so organic, one can almost hear it breathe. Their beats and synths build landscapes of rugged cliffs and mossy ground that are teeming and crawling – warm and damp, magical, peculiar and harmonic like life itself. There are obscure samples, voices, field recordings, as well as countless instruments...

WÆLDER work in different places, at different times. Nonetheless, they are a band. Jan Preissler from Berlin, handling guitars, bass, mandolin, piano, bagpipes and vocals, and Moritz Nahold from Vienna, classically trained on cello, saxophone and drums but responsible for synths, beats, soundscapes and noises on their album debut “Anachronie”, which was entirely made with Renoise. The two protagonist’s marked musicality is certainly one of the reasons making “Anachronie“ such an effortlessly floating listening experience. They play or have played in orchestras, jazz ensembles, stoner rock and punk bands and work apart from WÆLDER as musicians for theatre and film.

The vocals on “Anachronie“ are fragmented, pitched, layered and looped – deprived of familiar meanings, natural flow of language or even conclusive gender determination. WÆLDER realign them into androgynous- electroid evocations, faintly reminiscent of Tibetan mantras or shamanic healing songs –softly unsettling, hypnotic and embedded with the music just like another instrument. Yet, the vocals do onemore thing to these tracks: they transform the post-dubstep of WÆLDER into electronic pop songs. The sounds and melodies are catchy but queer and just like the vocals, they teeter on the brink between reality and dream, between science and evocation.

Kymberley Kennedy

Kymberley Kennedy is the real deal. With her emotive vocal, stunning songwriting prowess and superb melodies she joins a new wave of artists paving the way for R&B. Her exceptional new mixtape ‘Cycles’ blends R&B Soul with elements of hip-hop and electronic music to create a coherent body of work with the melancholy passion of Portishead and Sade.

The distinctive sound, influenced by her father’s Stevie Wonder and Prince record collection, has been nurtured from school musicals through to early collaborations. The first, of which, was with break-beat collective Grinny Grandad on the record ‘The Good Girl’. The single was released through Finger Lickin Records and received rave reviews from MixMag and BBC Radio 6. This led to performances at Glastonbury where she met with A.Skillz to write ‘Dead Ringer’, an electronic funk track and possible counterpart to his smash hit remix of Marlena Shaw’s ‘California Soul’.

A buzz resulted which introduced Kymberley to the idea of becoming an artist in her own right, instead of a feature. Whilst in the process of refining her solo vision, she released the ‘What The Funk’ mixtape which was featured in Vanity Magazine and Fame Magazine with special mentions on BBC Radio. She followed this up with her first commercial offering, ‘The Blackout EP’ which gained support from Soundscape Magazine, The Huffington Post and BBC Radio 1Xtra. The lead track ‘Blackout’ was picked up by film director Aram Rappaport and used in the movie ‘Syrup’ (Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez, Kellan Lutz). “I’ve always wanted to make music that resonates, that tells a story. Something that stays with you and imprints itself on your memory so that when you hear it years later there’s a sort of sweet nostalgia.”

‘That’s talent, right there!’ – Trevor Nelson, BBC Radio 1Xtra

‘If you love indie music you are going to fall in love’ – Soundscape Magazine

‘Kymberley Kennedy is a vocal traffic stopper’ – Data Transmission

Dr LoOney

Happy tekcore producer since years, Dr LoOney is here to make you happy and moving your ass with his crazy smiling music.


lwpss is a guy from Yekaterinburg, Russia. His music is heavily influenced by ambient, post-rock, IDM, and can be described as dreamy atmospheric electronica with catchy melodies and glitchy beats.

As of 2014, he has 2 albums released: "selcted wrks 10-13" (a compilation of the most successful early Renoise experiments) and "Dreams Caught". Both of them can be downloaded from Bandcamp for free.

Liza Nicklin

Sometimes drummer, sometimes bass player since the 80s, and having also enjoyed a long-term residency DJing at London's Electric Ballroom during the 90s, Liza recently moved from London to Toronto and became 100% QWERTY with her electronic explorations into sound and complex rhythms, enjoying the freedom and challenges of creating music independently and non-traditionally, with a minimal set-up.

Immortal Habits, her first album was made with Renoise and recently released on Filter Label.
She has just completed a series of soundtracks for Social Studies documentaries distributed by Insight Media.

Danny Barnes

My name’s Danny Barnes. I been playing for 42 years practicing and working on music. I do about 150 shows a year on the road with a laptop, a banjo, and sound mangling program I built. I made up a style of music called barnyard electronics where I mix older forms of earth music with samples and more modern recording techniques. I have my own label called Minner Bucket Records that puts out cassettes, 45s, and downloads. My newest record as of today [June 19, 2014] is called Junior Sampled and I did the whole thing in Renoise. I have used an MPC sampler on several projects and really felt at home in Renoise and love that program. Thanks to the Renoise team!


RAM IO is a Techno, IDM, Experimental electronic music producer.

Since his youngest years fascinated by sound and music. He grew up in the era that house music did entrance and has as for many years been experimenting with sounds and music as with analogue and digital gear. Including Renoise, which is still a daily goto tool for him alongside other soft- and hardware in the studio.

Influenced by many music genres he developed his own style based on repeating minimalistic grooves, deep atmospheres and often pounding kicks.

After several releases on other labels he is running the label Mecanik records to deliver this sound to the world.


aombk is streaming live pseudorandom audio and video data through the /betahive while waiting for the singularity to occur. well, among other things.



KENTROИ is an underground electro producer based in Toronto, Canada. Known to tease audiences with excessive noise and epic BPM drops, KENTROИ will generate as much anticipation as he can before blasting you with huge drums and raging saw-tooth synthesizers. If you're not prepared to dance, be prepared to have your face melted.


Pushing the darker end of the frequency spectrum, Sydney based Kruxldust continues to explore and evolve into darkwave, industrial-electro, ebm and idm soundscapes.

The Megadrives

Drawing much of their inspiration from Electronica duo peers such as The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Orbital. The Megadrives unabashedly revel in expressing themselves using the computer to output original, propulsive sounds in their quest to bring every listener together on the dance floor via the rhythms & melodies.

Their live shows—whether fierce or chill, are a symphony of laptops, mixers, MIDI controllers, effects and mixing techniques—the definition of intense creative energy. Wherever they perform, they leave audiences mesmerized. They are a unique phenomenon in a scene dominated by the DJ—all tracks performed are self-produced, mixed live, and tweaked through the software Renoise. Within the realm of electronic music, the Megadrives refuse to limit themselves to one particular genre, exploring any style that excites them. They’re at their best unleashing an ever-changing, nonstop, mega-fluid mix of Acid, Breaks, Down Tempo, Drum & Bass, Dub, Glitch, House, IDM, Psychedelia, Trance, Trip Hop and hybridized sounds that have yet to be labeled.

Digital Beat

Digital Beat is 1990 established Underground Electronic music project with many genres and influences. Digital Beat is self learned computer musician and producer from Finland. He started making music just for fun with Atari ST and tracker music programs. Later in 2003 he also got an education in music production. Today all his music is still made with computer and programs like Renoise, Reason and VST, softsynths etc.


EatMe is a producer using Renoise from The Hague, The Netherlands, with a website full of free downloadable music for in between the living room and the dance floor. Electronic music in a wide range of genres from neo-classical to new age to trip hop to synthpop to progressive house to acid jazz to trance to drum and bass. As an active and registered Renoise user, EatMe contributed ideas for the custom LFO, 4 MIDI inputs and the exciter effect as implemented Renoise features. Listening to music and going to band coaching sessions to play keys and drums at young age inspired EatMe to get into making music. Producing music on the computer became the next step. You can see the result of practice and persistence in making music with trackers on EatMe's website. Key motto: "Remember what makes time good for you, and bring that back in the future."


Born 1984 in Quito, Ecuador, Andrés Andrade a.k.a Krötenlecker started playing drums at the age of nine, continuing his passion for acoustic and visual arts in Europe after finishing school. He has remained one of South-America's best kept underground secrets, performing together with Alvin Curran, Martin Gretschman, Jan Jelinek, among others. His personal work moves between installation and performance art with a deep interest in the relation of sound, image, technology and physical space. With his Amsterdam based audiovisual label "Tripsitterklang" he tries to break boundaries between genres, inviting listeners to enjoy a sonic trip with a free and positive vibe.


René made his first musical steps on his Atari 800XL in the mid 80s. After lots of programming his tunes in Atari Basic, his experiments continued using different trackers on his AMIGA computers - Octalyzer, Octamed and Octamed Soundstudio - during the AMIGA period in the 90s he played the keyboards in two bands starting from 1995 to 1999 and created music for lyrical performances named "Bleu" with a friend.

After a long time of silence interrupted by very rare Buzz sessions he found his way back to music. His new works are Renoise-only, no other hardware is in use. Creating music to him is like painting pictures as a hobby, mainly expressing punctual situations and scenery and his strange urge to place "acoustical monuments".


Who the hell is Fatso? He is part guy and part monster. Monster Fatso lives by eating music, that’s why human Fatso is constantly up against it crafting tightly produced jacking club-noise in the studio. It’s no easy job satisfying that damn fat thing.

Audio Nail

Up and coming Dutch hardcore DJ/producer Audio Nail started producing music somewhere in the 90s. He has his roots in the tracker scene and has been working with a lot of different programs. These days Renoise is his obvious weapon of choice. Next to Renoise he uses drum pads and controllers for drum sequencing and effects tweaking/recording, most of which is done real-time/live.

His productions can be described as hard, aggressive and distorted. Influences range from reggae to metal, and from Mozart to Frank Zappa, as long as it's good music. Audio Nail's first EP is being released in February/March 2013 and many more will follow. His total lack of respect for musical boundaries gives him that edge every artist needs.


Born in 1985 in Paris neighborhood, he started music by playing guitar at the age of 14, his style was metal/rock. In 2001, he began to be interested in tekno/hardcore immediately after listening a liveset by MICROPOINT and fell immediately in love with the most violent/darkside of the electronic music. He then tried to make his own productions a bit later, in the end of 2008, and began to play in a lot of parties in Italy with nearly all the most important artists from the hardcore, frenchcore, and hardtekno scene (Radium, Rotterdam terror corps, Micropoint, Maissouille, D-tox, Frazzbass, The destroyer, Manu le malin, Empatysm, Akira, Dr macabre Osmik, mat WB and many more...)

In early 2011, he released his first vinyls on Astrofonik and Lowfactory records, and started to play in other countries like Belgium, Holland and Spain.

In 2012, he released his first full EP on vinyl and digital, and played at big parties such as Frenchcore s'il vous plait, Nocturnal festival and Pandemonium.

But the most decisive year is 2014 when he played for the first time at Master of Hardcore - Empire of eternity and Dominator Festival - Metropolis of Massacre in Holland. His productions and his livesets are famous to be very loud and pumpy!


22tape's music has just enough experimentalism to have you scratching your chin while chumming around at that art gallery. Yet head-nodding enough to crash that same gallery with some back-spins and blunts. He's married to the the abstract while banging the neighbor, Mrs. Boom Bap. Yes, that was a "Mrs." 22tape says "it's more exciting that way." And his favorite form of protection is Renoise.

Freddy Hajas

Synthpop producer, remixer & songwriter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hajas has made lots of remixes for bands from all five continents, such as Droom, Real Life, Assemblage 23, Neverever, Information Society, Daybehavior, Anything Box, Iris, !distain, Noel and many more. For years was a die hard fan and user of FastTracker 2 then after moved from a short period to Fruity Loops moved again to Renoise in 2002 which become his main software until nowadays. At least 90% of his released work were 100% made with Renoise, including a full length remix album released in 2005 by a NYC label. Hajas is also a talented game developer who created several improvements to famous games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield series, which he also did soundtracks to them and small movies, all using Renoise.


Helix doesn't like bios. Expect techno, house, disco, and universal grooves.

Julian Winter

Julian Winter is an independent musician from Germany. At a quite early age he learned that music can sometimes evoke arbitrary pictures in ones mind, and that that's the point where music becomes very emotive. His music contains a lot of ambient recordings from his surroundings, and if he finds something interesting, he's sure to records it and experiments with it on his DAW.

Claiming that the best thing about making music is that you become acquainted with a large number of artists from around the globe, his road has led Julian to meeting a lot of perfect strangers and very nice people in real life, as well as on the world wide web.


2methyl (aka 2methylBulbe1ol) is an up and coming audio heavyweight from the East of France. He started to play the guitar when he was young, surrounded by the filthy sounds of Post-Hardcore, Grindcore and Noise Rock. His love for these genres feeds into his electronic music, as he tries to translate the raw power and energy of these styles into his own sound. His discovery of Venetian Snares and Xanopticon opened new boundaries for him to explore, and the result of these influences can be heard in his music; where crushing bass lines and aggression meet heavy complex beats and intricate melodies. 2methyl attempts to use music as a form of narrative, using his mixes to lead dance floors through intriguing cyberpunk, industrial soundscapes. 2methyl's releases to date include 2 EP's (one a split with Niveau Zero, the other solo) on Rotator's Ruff Recordings label, another EP on komodo dragon records, remixes for Tympanik Audio, Jarring Effect and a brand new Ep on OverclockHeadz. He has shared the stage with Eight Frozen Module, Niveau Zero, Sinister Souls, Counterstrike, Reso, Dope D.O.D, Luke Viber, Shitmat, Igorrr, Stazma, Rotator...



Hailing from Austin, Texas, Tim Bedard aka wahrk has bounced around various facets of the musical world, from concert bands to metal bands, piano to steel drum, music theory to acoustics. While studying sound recording at university, he fell in love with electronic music (around the same time he discovered Renoise). He has released several albums on Karakasa Music as well as tracks on various compilations. His music bears elements of IDM, brain dance, chiptunes, breakcore, acid, dubstep, and more, but always shines through with a unique, melodic flavor.


Deemphasis is an Electro producer from France. He started in the early 90's writing tracks with the original soundtracker on Amiga for the Demoscene. Always influenced by the old techno music from Germany, Belgium, Detroit, England..., he is now focused on dark electro mixing breakbeats, acid and vocoders? After releasing a 12 inch EP on NewFlesh Records, in 2011 he releases the "Mechanical Beats" album on his own label : Ukonx Recordings


Daed is Ian Lambert, a musician and sound designer from Houston, TX.

His music is characterized by creative sound design, intricate edits, thick atmospheres and playful melodies. He focuses heavily on the creation of abstract, other-worldly sounds as exemplified by his work with Glitchmachines and Inear Display.

He is firmly establishing himself with releases on Mozyk, Aleph9, Illphabetik and 141414. He continually seeks to push the boundaries of what he creates and has started creating custom software to achieve this goal, however Renoise is a central component of his workflow.

Paula Daunt

Paula Daunt wrote her first song at the age of 7. Her favourite pastime then, was hitting pots and pans while her grandma tried to sing and play the organ. It was quite obvious that Paula had a talent for punk, novelty, variety and anything that could catapult her wild mind into the next melody. Using guitars, a digitakt, octatrack, several weird synths, a 707, her all-time favourite software, Renoise, well pimped with bit-crushing, seizure inducing VST plugins, samples, and her voice, Paula manages to present us with anything from melancholic drones and atmospheric ambient tunes overloaded with strings to Lo-fi booty and the good old breaks; most of it, pretty catchy.

She has taken part in several short-lived radio programs, composed soundtracks for documentaries, a play, sang with a swing band, played heavy techno in Sao Paulo in the early noughties, then jungle and drum n’ bass in the unfriendly south-east London, until she got fed up with the queue of MCs and all the rewinds in 2010, when she finally moved to Berlin. She escaped to Japan in 2016 and remains there hidden the studio in her attic.

Now she remixes her mates' tunes, makes soundtracks for fashion film, and produces tracks for various compilations under the name of Paula Daunt, Erdloch and Agnosie. Her tracks are far too eclectic for a sane EP, and that’s why the underground appreciates this deranged girl so much.

Fabrice Tonnellier

Fabrice Tonnellier is a French composer of relaxing and ambient music. Born in 1978 he started composing since 1996 in the demoscene. Now he likes playing keyboards, the piano, and world instruments. His inspiration comes from Zen philosophy, nature and world music. He sometimes composes soundtracks for video games and multimedia products.


Med is one of the most famous Frenchy music demosceners. He grew up in Villiers-le-bel in France. Now living in Taiwan.
Tracking since 22 years now, he was first involved with the French hip hop group Ärsenik and Hubert Colaud jazz batter.

Today his music is used in advertising, documentaries, games and other media. On Jamendo his album has totaled more than 300,000 listens. He is involved with the French Collective.

He uses Renoise since the 1st day.

Machinae Supremacy

Machinae Supremacy is a band from Luleå, Sweden that combines modern heavy metal and alternative rock with chiptunes. Self-defined as SID metal, many of their songs use a SidStation that features the SID chip of the Commodore 64. They have released a considerable number of songs for free download on their site, 32 original recordings, with approximately 100,000 downloads a month.

D Fast

D Fast is a music producer from Helsinki, Finland. He has been writing music since early 1990 starting with piano compositions and moving from digital piano workstation to computer based music. His music is deeply influenced by the Demoscene and funk music made in the 70’s and 80’s, yet he has a wide selection of favorite genres both listening and composing wise. He moved to using Renoise as his primary music software in 2005. He self-released his first record in 2007 called Get Caught, followed by Planet Boogie in 2008.


From the stark, post-Communist landscape of Bratislava, Slovakia emerges one of Eastern Europe’s most talented producers - B-Complex. Matus began his first attempts at production in 1996, experimenting with hardcore and trance before discovering drum 'n bass - an ideal medium to capture the diversity of his style, which incorporates influences from classic rave to ethnic folk music. Both heartbreakingly melodic and relentlessly hard, B-Complex’s music will captivate your heart and slay your bassbins.

Interview in the Renoise forums


Having been involved with the promotions end of the industrial rock and IDM music scenes since she was a teenager, and running a drum and bass record label with her husband, ASC, whom she also manages, writing her own music - after she'd been promoting other people's for years - was a logical progression.

Drawing inspiration from synaesthesia and her melting pot of musical influences ranging from Portishead to Skinny Puppy, Vaccine's style has been recognized as being considerably more melodic and not necessarily as dancefloor-orientated as her male cohorts. XLR8R magazine noted her "subtle melodies and echoed vocals", as well as stating that "(Vaccine's) constructions aren't necessarily main floor rave fodder, but rather, comedown music for the 6 a.m. afterhours." She is also notable for being the first female producer signed to a label in dubstep, Hotflush Recrodings, within what was up until then a genre whose producers were almost, if not entirely, male. Her DJ mixes as well have attracted attention for their careful commitment to precise blends, mixing in key, and unexpected multigenre inclusions.

Never one to be confined by formulas or tempo, as evidenced by her DJ mix selection, Vaccine has recently been slinging her talents further afield partnering with elusive but lauded fashion designer Ernte on music for his runway shows, and garnering praise 30 bpm faster writing the melodic, IDM style of drum & bass popularized by Instra:mental and dBridge's Autonomic Podcast series. Additionally, Renoise, her sequencer weapon of choice in both the home studio and live PA setting, has been pushing her as the face of their site on their music player.


"She" is a multi-instrumentalist, chiptune artist and producer. Currently residing in Sweden, Lain was born in Poland where he learned to play piano at a very early age. In 1997 he began to take his melodymaking knowledge from the piano to the computer. He is also known for his unusual art designs, his use of music trackers and Nine Inch Nails Remixes.


Perquisite is a Hip Hop / Nu-Jazz and Trip Hop artist. Together with rapper Pete Philly he created the album Mind.state in 2005. Perquisite and Pete Philly are both from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Some say they developed a new kind of urban music which is very soulful and from the heart.


One of Ireland's unsung electronic heroes. Anodyne, known for his mind shredding live shows, leads the listener into experiments in dark electro, acid and ambient, blending with elements of old skool rave and breakbeat.


2009, and after establishing himself as one of the most versatile, forward thinking, cutting edge producers in drum and bass, ASC will now be working on a sound aimed firmly at breaking barriers between genres, and pushing only the best in quality electronic dance music.

Next Life

Next Life is a Norwegian hardcore/metal/punk band using the C64 and other vintage computers in their music.

Jonas the Plugexpert

Jonas' detailed descriptions of mangled digital soundscapes filled with filigree creatures and atmospheric sceneries can only be explained from serious head trauma in his youth ‘caused by an exploded commodore 64. Imagine a tracking shot through a world with swampy bass-lines, racing snares and drum-sets flying in helicopters overlooking sinus-wave-snakes hanging from infinite tree structures of hierarchical noise.

Jakub Gaudasinski

Born in Poland behind the iron curtain in the early 80s, Jakub attended his first music lessons in classical cello. As part of a family of artists and cold war revolutionaries, Jakub's childhood was a colorful mixture of art, strong personalities and beautiful countryside summers by the river. This was a start to what was to be a turbulent and surreal journey into the world of music.

These days Jakub is a composer, producer and a multi-instrumentalist. His auditory palette was forged in the fires of computer programming and field recording. With the frequent use of all manner of human voice and esoteric instrumentation, he was able to create a truly unique and organic sound which, with the help of many television appointments, has now been heard in just about every corner of the world. Jakub is currently running Desa One project studio responsible for artistic endeavors such as Desa Systems and Final Configuration.

Toxic Coma

Toxic Coma is a side project to Velvet Acid Christ. Psychophreak was written over the summer of 2004 using only Renoise with some VSTi plug-ins. Toxic Coma has always been about making normal people go crazy, and making insane people laugh and enjoy themselves. This music is for the hardcore freak and/or psychonaut. Toxic Coma use so many styles and genres in their music that they consider themselves the ultimate fusion of all electronic underground hardcore styles.

Toxic Coma talks about Renoise in the studio

Aria Rostami

Coming from San Francisco, Aria Rostami's music shares the same ebb and flow of his hilly and foggy city. With influences from ambient to IDM, classical to noise, and Persian traditional to Japanese contemporary, Rostami's work will either hit a note you like or an idea you'd want to explore.