Neurogami SwapChop


Tool to automate the insertion of volume changes among a pair of adjacent note columns.

The idea is to add a series of volume command pairs so that the volumes of the two columns swaps back and forth.

Some explanation

Suppose you have a track with two note columns.

In the first you have a full-pattern sample playing some colossal beat.

In the second you have another colossal, but different, beat.

The goal is to switch between them during the playing of the pattern, with only one column audibly active at any given time.

If you did this by hand you would need to go through the pattern lines and set the note column value of one to "00" and the note column volume of the other to (say) "70".

Perhaps you want them to swap every 6th line. Or maybe every 6th but also every 10th line.

You can do it but it's tedious.

SwapChop automates this volume-setting work.

You get a simple GUI where you set the active volume for each note column. There is a text field where you can hand-enter a series of line numbers.

There is also a text field where you can enter a simple formula for generating line numbers.

The line numbers always start at zero. And the first note column is always set to be active while the second is set to zero volume.

You should not include any commas in your line-number list.

Auto-generate line numbers

+ i j k means line numbers increment by i, then j, then k, then i, then j, etc.

For example:

+ 3 5 would give you 3 8 11 16 19 24 ... up to the number to lines in the current pattern.

+ 3 2 5 would give you 3 5 10 13 15 20 23 25 ... up to the number to lines in the current pattern.

/ i j k gives you all the lines evenly divisible by any of i, j, k, etc.

For example:

/ 3 5 would give you 3 5 6 9 10 12 15 18 20 21 ... up to the number to lines in the current pattern.

/ 6 would give you 6 12 18 24 30 ... up to the number to lines in the current pattern.

You should be able to use any number of integers with either of those commands.

You should not include an commas in your line-generating function.

Each time you run a line-generation function the generated numbers are added to the current list.

This allows you to construct a more complex sequence my combining different line-generation functions.

There is a clear button to clear the current list; you can also hand-edit that list to fine-tune the values.

You must click the Go button in order to apply the results.

Be mindful of what note column you have selected

The tool operates on the currently selected note column and the column to the right. It makes no effort to handle hidden columns.

If the results seem odd check to see what column you've selected.

(OTOH you may want to exploit this quirk to get novel results.)


Renoise VersionRelease Date
com.neurogami.SwapChop V0.303.1Jun 13th, 2017

Installation: Drop the Tool File (.xrnx) on a Renoise window to install.

Liability exclusion: "You are about to download and install software from a third-party provider. This software was not developed by Renoise and is listed here in a summarised form purely as a convenience for our users. Renoise takes no responsibility for any malfunction, incompatibility, or damage caused by or otherwise arising from the use of the software. In the case of problems with the installation or use of the software, please contact the relevant developer."

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