Simple Pianoroll


A simple piano roll for Renoise with many useful shortcuts. Just right click in the pattern editor and choose "Edit with Pianoroll ...". Its also possible to map this to a keyboard shortcut.

More Information / How to use it / All shortcuts:


  • Piano roll workflow (inspired by FL piano roll)
  • Mouse support for note moving, scaling and drawing
  • Mouse scroll support for scrolling through grid
  • It supports Renoise's native HDPI support
  • Polyphony support (automatically adds note column, if needed)
  • Note preview via Renoise inbuild OSC Server
  • Ghost Track
  • Many useful keyboard shortcuts (inspired by FL and Reason)
  • Can display notes with note cut effects and delayed ones
  • Scale highlighting can be changed (None, Minor scale, Major scale, Instrument scale, Automatic scale)
  • Many useful options to change the behavior for your own taste
  • And more...

Update history

17.10.2021 v2.4:

  • feature: change note delay via mouse, during dragging press and hold alt key
  • feature: add option to disable alt key note remove, so note delay via mouse is easier to use
  • feature: add option to disable keyboard handler
  • improved: add fake alpha blending mode for note velocity shading
  • improved: add option to change the click area size for mouse note scaling
  • improved: reducing piano roll refreshing during mouse actions, so feels abit smoother
  • changed: shortcut to ctrl only for deselecting individual note
  • fix: add note offs, when pattern size get increased during opened piano roll
  • fix: sometimes hidden velocity values for short notes during note changes
  • fix: sometimes changed pattern size wasn't rendered correctly

13.09.2021 v2.3:

  • feature: mute and solo button
  • feature: new shortcut for easy switch to mixer view
  • feature: new shortcut for fast open/close of plugin editor window
  • improved: update vel, pan and dly controls, when just one note is selected and changed outside piano roll
  • fix: click event, moving overlapping notes

30.08.2021 v2.2:

  • feature: new keyboard shortcuts for select, pen and preview (f1,f2,f3)
  • improved: alt key switch to select mode, when pen mode is active
  • improved: mouse notes duplication for short notes
  • changed: disable follow player, when editing
  • fix: rectangle selection now only select notes inside rectangle
  • fix: prevent notes duplicate with mouse, when in pen mode
  • fix: panning humanizing error

26.08.2021 v2.1:

  • feature: new duplicate shortcut, hold shift and drag selected notes with mouse to duplicate them
  • improved: note rendering speed for mouse actions
  • fix: allow selection and deselect on disabled pattern buttons (when you edit shorter patterns)
  • fix: reset scale issue
  • removed: note hint feature (will be added back later)

23.08.2021 v2.0:

  • feature: add mouse support for note movement, scaling and drawing
  • changed: rectangle selection needs now just one click
  • changed: better visual presentation for patterns which are shorter than grid width
  • changed: shortcut for deselect notes
  • fix: redirect non handled key combos to Renoise

04.08.2021 v1.9:

  • feature: "hacky" scrollwheel support for grid and piano keyboard scrolling
  • feature: add keyboard shortcut page down / up for scrolling vertically
  • feature: show current track name and color above the piano keyboard
  • improved: show current selected or detected scale under the piano keyboard
  • changed: window width will be stable, doesn't jump between pattern length width's
  • fix: dont allow to change ghost track to group type
  • fix: several smaller fixes

26.07.2021 v1.8:

  • feature: add little transport buttons (play, loop and stop)
  • feature: add note row highlighting, when note is playing and preview
  • feature: add display support for Qx fx command
  • improve: add AZERTY keyboard mode
  • improve: add shading settings for piano roll
  • changed: remove playing note highlightings, when playback stopped
  • changed: note click audio preview can now be hold
  • fix: default value for display time of key info bar
  • fix: render retrigger effect on line 1 and when note length shorter 1
  • fix: wrong note highlighting, when note was shorten with cut effect
  • fix: broken centering of the grid
  • fix: crash when note instrument value is not valid

11.07.2021 v1.7:

  • feature: add "Edit with Simple Pianoroll ..." to pattern matrix context menu
  • feature: keyboard status info bar (to show current used key combos + action)
  • feature: add key repeat support (helpful for moving or transposing notes)
  • feature: new shortcut to change note length of selected notes (ctrl + left/right)
  • feature: add note rendering support for retrigger effects (Rx)
  • enhanced: change key action on release to on pressed, so shortcuts work more fluidly
  • fix: set note length via shortcut was sometimes not possible
  • fix: paste cursor for copy / cut and paste
  • fix: try to fix stuck notes, when using shortcuts
  • fix: visual state of pen mode state
  • fix: bad "00" volume value, when changing note sizes
  • add more information's to the osc client settings

24.06.2021 v1.6:

  • feature: audio preview mode: play notes on step with mode or new shortcut (ctrl+shift + click on a free spot)
  • fix: hide non used piano roll grid elements for patterns shorter than grid width
  • fix: when select all notes on a specific step, even select non visible notes above and below grid
  • fix: also process notes above and below the piano visible grid
  • enhanced: add option to disable note preview during song playback for new notes or when notes get clicked or changed
  • enhanced: refresh key modifier states, even when tool window is not in focus
  • enhanced: use official Renoise icons for same functionality (vol, dly, pan column on / off)
  • add prompt for reset to default button
  • toggle piano roll visibility via keyboard shortcut

23.06.2021 v1.5:

  • feature: add automatically scale highlighting (currently only major scales, works also for minor scales)
  • feature: add instrument scale highlighting (currently only major / minor supported)
  • feature: add customizable scale highlighting: None, Major, Minor
  • feature: add simple note hint function to show octaves and fifths of selected notes (can be disabled)
  • feature: add follow play cursor, when pattern length is greater than grid width (can be disabled)
  • feature: add some new options to change special note column behaviors
  • feature: add a small help / feedback button to preferences
  • feature: add a different keyboard rendering style: "list"
  • change: fillPianoRoll function now process all notes in a pattern, not only the visible ones
  • change: set last selection play cursor, when play from mouse position was used
  • fix: sometimes wrong note properties, when selected
  • fix: sometimes wrong rendering of note cut effects

06.06.2021 v1.4:

  • feature: change note button rendering (now possible to see note cut effects and delayed notes)
  • feature: add velocity shading for note colors in piano roll
  • fix: corrected random number gen for humanizing function
  • fix: corrected humanizing for delay
  • fix: allow changing ghost note state for selecting notes via ghost note button
  • fix: corrected click events for overlapped notes
  • fix: corrected max delay value for delay input field
  • fix: allow lowercased hex values on input fields
  • several minor fixes

24.05.2021 v1.3:

  • bugfix: disable grid size step settings (not ready yet)

23.05.2021 v1.2:

  • add preferences, so some grid and OSC settings can be changed now.
  • Vel, Pan now works with Renoise special Hex values like Z8, R4, and so on.
  • New shortcut to play from mouse cursor (CTRL+Mouse click on a free spot)
  • Some fixes

16.05.2021 v1.1:

  • add ghost note drawing / handling
  • new shortcuts for play selection
  • some minor bugfixes

15.03.2021 v1.0:

  • new match note value shortcut (alt + n)
  • fix stuck notes when using QWERTY notes play
  • several smaller fixes


Renoise VersionRelease Date
com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V0.703.2Feb 18th, 2021
com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V2.403.3Oct 17th, 2021

Installation: Drop the Tool File (.xrnx) on a Renoise window to install.

Liability exclusion: "You are about to download and install software from a third-party provider. This software was not developed by Renoise and is listed here in a summarised form purely as a convenience for our users. Renoise takes no responsibility for any malfunction, incompatibility, or damage caused by or otherwise arising from the use of the software. In the case of problems with the installation or use of the software, please contact the relevant developer."

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