Simple Pianoroll


A simple piano roll for Renoise with many useful shortcuts. Just right click in the pattern editor and choose "Edit with Pianoroll ...". Its also possible to map this to a keyboard shortcut.

More Information / How to use it / All shortcuts:


  • Piano roll workflow (inspired by FL piano roll)
  • Mouse support for note moving, scaling and drawing
  • Mouse scroll wheel support for scrolling through grid or change the velocity of selected notes
  • Follows Renoise user interface scaling option
  • Polyphony support (automatically adds and remove note columns, if needed)
  • Note preview via Renoise inbuild OSC Server
  • Ghost Track
  • Many useful mouse and keyboard shortcuts (inspired by FL, Bitwig, Ableton and Reason)
  • Show several tracker related effects like note cut, note retrigger, delay
  • Scale highlighting support (None, Minor scale, Major scale, Instrument scale, Automatic scale)
  • Many useful options to change the behavior for your own taste
  • Chord detection for playing and selected notes
  • Chord stamping
  • Tool Updater support
  • Step sequencing via computer keyboard
  • Histogram for note property manipulations
  • Basic MIDI Input support for playing (no recording yet)
  • And more...

Update history

25.09.2022 v3.7:

  • new: vertical grid line setting (none, per octave, per root note)
  • new: horizontal grid line setting (none, per bar, per beat)
  • new: shading amount option per beat
  • new: keyboard shortcut to change note length via micro steps
  • new: keyboard shortcut to open preferences
  • changed: setting for use track color for note color or note highlighting
  • changed: headline draw style in preferences to be similar like the Renoise once's
  • fix: note width display, when cut fx is used on pan value

14.08.2022 v3.6:

  • improved: add audio preview scrubbing
  • improved: also set last note length, when drawing chords
  • fix: midi support, broken note off, add all channels for note on / off
  • fix: wrong audio preview, when multiple instruments per pattern
  • fix: wrong note width when mixing cut effect in volume and panning column
  • fix: wrong note width when cut fx was set for end-velocity

08.07.2022 v3.5:

  • feature: add chord stamping with many useful options
  • improved: add group option for ASC modifier of histogram for easier strums of multiple chords
  • fix: only detect second dominants on full major or major7 chords

13.05.2022 v3.4:

  • feature: add basic midi in support for keyboard playing (no recording yet)
  • improved: better secondary dominants detection
  • fix: some cases of hidden notes
  • fix: wrong scale, when instrument scale highlighting is used or changed
  • fix: nil error when instrument scale highlighting is enabled

16.04.2022 v3.3:

  • feature: new histogram to manipulate note properties (vel, pan, dly and pitch)
  • improved: change modal dialogs to non modal ones (scale select, histogram, preferences)
  • changed: reorder note property controls in the top bar, so it's more tidy (instrument, length, vel, pan, dly ,...)
  • changed: move preferences button to the bottom right
  • changed: bring back the old switch to ghost track button next to the select box (more convenient to use)
  • changed: set follow player only back, when it was automatically disabled for editing actions
  • removed: old humanizing buttons (not needed anymore)
  • fix: wrong notes shown of ghost tracks with more than one column
  • fix: nil errors when preferences was opened via main menu, when piano roll wasn't opened before
  • fix: bad note off state of notes

09.04.2022 v3.2:

  • feature: add instrument selector, so it's easier to switch instruments in patterns or mix them
  • feature: mirror notes of the current ghost track
  • improved: reworked scale degree and roman numeral detection (bVI, bVII and more) and added missing chords
  • improved: automatically use different note colors, when instruments are mixed in pattern
  • improved: allow also note duplication, when note move and scaling in pen mode option is enabled
  • improved: allow to delete notes via backspace
  • improved: click on piano grid without an active selection will set the play cursor position
  • improved: set follow player back to old state, when piano roll closed
  • improved: add ctrl as alternative for scrolling horizontally
  • improved: sort notes in piano roll before render, so a note button will always be visible
  • changed: renamed ghost note color, not needed for ghosts notes anymore
  • fix: scale button was visible, when it should be outside the grid
  • fix: wrong coloring, when track color is used
  • fix: sometimes wrong note block coloring, during scrolling
  • fix: note column switch during selection was not working

02.03.2022 v3.1:

  • feature: easy switch between relative minor / major (button in set scale dialog or while holding ctrl key and click current scale)
  • feature: edit pattern with simple pianoroll from instrument box
  • feature: add option to set Renoise computer keyboard velocity to the current preview velocity
  • feature: add option to allow move and scale of notes in pen mode
  • improved: also automatically remove note columns, when option for automatically add note columns is enabled
  • improved: add mouse warping compatibility mode (fix mouse jumping, when mouse warping is needed)
  • improved: realigned input fields in preferences
  • improved: add menu entries for piano roll and preferences
  • improved: reduce full piano roll refresh on selection changes
  • changed: when removing notes, move other notes on the same line to free columns
  • changed: try to force new notes always on the first column for better legato portamento without delaying (playback order new notes first)
  • fix: missing undo description for step sequencing
  • fix: also sort notes by column, so notes doesn't jump between columns to often
  • fix: click issue with scale note button on overlapping notes
  • fix: wrong fake alpha blending coloring

01.01.2022 v3.0:

  • feature: add chord and scale degree detection
  • feature: add step sequencing with cursor keys and currently playing notes
  • feature: add option for shading root notes
  • improved: better handling of losing window focus (try to get focus back)
  • improved: add edit with piano roll to mixer view
  • fix: wrong root key labeling in scale auto mode
  • fix: note doesn't move instant sometimes, when using mouse
  • fix: shading was going to default color value "{0,0,0}"
  • fix: bad preview polyphony for transposing
  • fix: wrong piano key coloring, when playing notes during scrolling
  • fix: bad ghost track index error, when ghost track was deleted
  • fix: some more nil errors

19.12.2021 v2.9:

  • feature: add option to specify what key labels are shown (all notes, in scale, root notes, none)
  • feature: set scale highlighting shortcut via button under piano keyboard
  • feature: add visible selection rectangle and improve performance abit
  • improved: show edit cursor position, also follows now note selections
  • improved: add option to disable centering view, when opening piano roll
  • changed: ctrl+space/shift+space starts playing from edit cursor position
  • changed: change rectangle selection to select notes when "touched" instead of inside
  • changed: cursor keys left and right move the edit pos, when no note is selected
  • changed: allow ctrl also for note duplication, removed move notes in scale while holding ctrl (use cursor keys shortcut instead)
  • changed: rebuild piano roll dialog once or when the grid dimension was changed (will improve opening time)
  • fix: too long key labels
  • fix: grid clicks outside pattern handled wrong
  • fix: play from mouse cursor shortcut removed selection
  • fix: delay column was enabled, when it was not needed during scaling with mouse
  • fix: possible stuck notes during previewing while transposing

07.12.2021 v2.8:

  • feature: note scaling via mouse is much easier, because notes are split in move and scale part, which are shaded differently
  • feature: scale notes by micro steps with mouse (using alt key) with snap to grid option
  • feature: scroll through grid during mouse actions, when the current moved note hits the border
  • feature: use track color as note color
  • feature: add option to disable vel, pan, dly and len readout of last selected and drawn note
  • improve: refresh only selected notes on mouse action (some performance optimizations)
  • fix: too long note width, when it hits the right grid border, when end delay is set
  • fix: copy / pasting sometimes wrong note position and nil error

28.11.2021 v2.7:

  • feature: add change note delay of selected notes via mouse wheel while holding shift
  • improved: clear both values (velocity, end velocity or delay or note off delay) when you click the first clear button while holding shift key
  • fix: don't process microsteps action, when no delay column is active
  • fix: alt click note remove conflict with new note movement

28.11.2021 v2.6:

  • feature: add changeable color settings for the whole piano roll
  • feature: use track color as note highlighting (new setting)
  • feature: finer note movement with mouse using alt key (please note that alt key note remove can be a conflict. this can be disabled in options)
  • feature: snap finer note movement to special grid(0x55, 0xaa) with mouse using alt and shift key
  • feature: finer note movement with keyboard: (ctrl+alt) left/right
  • feature: note off delay handling
  • feature: new option to auto enable delay column, when needed
  • feature: change velocity of selected notes with scroll wheel while holding alt key
  • improved: jump to the note, which was added to selection via rectangle selection
  • changed: track name as button switch to active ghost track, old ghost track switch removed
  • changed: notes created with mouse will always have note delay 0. note end delay will be calculated when delay values are used.
  • obsolete: old way of change note delay via mouse (is replaced with new finer movement holding shift)
  • fix: prevent note duplication with mouse and shift, when finer note movement is used
  • fix: prevent ghost track selection of non sequencer tracks
  • fix: randomly spawning notes, when click through pattern in audio preview mode
  • fix: double click note remove still possible in preview mode
  • fix: sorting in note movement (first note first, last note first)
  • fix: not readable track name, when track color was too bright

07.11.2021 v2.5:

  • feature: bitwig / ableton like moving note selection with alt and cursor keys
  • feature: quick set for delay values during alt mouse dragging by holding shift (1,0x55,0xaa)
  • feature: new mouse shortcut to clear vol, pan and dly controls with left click on grid, when no note is selected (can be disabled)
  • feature: automatically set ghost track to the last edited track
  • improved: short note labels: "C-3" become "C3", when it's not enough space for button label instead of hiding
  • changed: alt key +7/-7 transpose for selected notes is now ctrl+shift
  • changed: allow shorter note buttons, min size can be defined
  • changed: new behavior when processing notes with delay, sometimes these notes need a new column to prevent note "bleeding"
  • fix: sometimes broken note dragging, when buttons have wrong disabled state
  • some minor fixes

17.10.2021 v2.4:

  • feature: change note delay via mouse, during dragging press and hold alt key
  • feature: add option to disable alt key note remove, so note delay via mouse is easier to use
  • feature: add option to disable keyboard handler
  • improved: add fake alpha blending mode for note velocity shading
  • improved: add option to change the click area size for mouse note scaling
  • improved: reducing piano roll refreshing during mouse actions, so feels abit smoother
  • changed: shortcut to ctrl only for deselecting individual note
  • fix: add note offs, when pattern size get increased during opened piano roll
  • fix: sometimes hidden velocity values for short notes during note changes
  • fix: sometimes changed pattern size wasn't rendered correctly

13.09.2021 v2.3:

  • feature: mute and solo button
  • feature: new shortcut for easy switch to mixer view
  • feature: new shortcut for fast open/close of plugin editor window
  • improved: update vel, pan and dly controls, when just one note is selected and changed outside piano roll
  • fix: click event, moving overlapping notes

30.08.2021 v2.2:

  • feature: new keyboard shortcuts for select, pen and preview (f1,f2,f3)
  • improved: alt key switch to select mode, when pen mode is active
  • improved: mouse notes duplication for short notes
  • changed: disable follow player, when editing
  • fix: rectangle selection now only select notes inside rectangle
  • fix: prevent notes duplicate with mouse, when in pen mode
  • fix: panning humanizing error

26.08.2021 v2.1:

  • feature: new duplicate shortcut, hold shift and drag selected notes with mouse to duplicate them
  • improved: note rendering speed for mouse actions
  • fix: allow selection and deselect on disabled pattern buttons (when you edit shorter patterns)
  • fix: reset scale issue
  • removed: note hint feature (will be added back later)

23.08.2021 v2.0:

  • feature: add mouse support for note movement, scaling and drawing
  • changed: rectangle selection needs now just one click
  • changed: better visual presentation for patterns which are shorter than grid width
  • changed: shortcut for deselect notes
  • fix: redirect non handled key combos to Renoise


Renoise VersionRelease Date
com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V0.703.2Feb 18th, 2021
com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll V3.703.3Sep 25th, 2022

Installation: Drop the Tool File (.xrnx) on a Renoise window to install.

Liability exclusion: "You are about to download and install software from a third-party provider. This software was not developed by Renoise and is listed here in a summarised form purely as a convenience for our users. Renoise takes no responsibility for any malfunction, incompatibility, or damage caused by or otherwise arising from the use of the software. In the case of problems with the installation or use of the software, please contact the relevant developer."

Haftungsausschluss: "Sie sind dabei, eine Anwendung (Software) von einem Drittanbieter herunterzuladen oder zu installieren. Diese Software stammt nicht von Renoise und wird hier lediglich als Service für den Benutzer zusammenfassend übersichtlich dargestellt. Renoise haftet nicht für Fehlfunktionen, Beschädigungen, Inkompatibilitäten oder sonstige Schäden, die von dieser Software ausgehen oder sonst verursacht werden. Sollten während der Installation oder Benutzung der Software Probleme auftreten, wenden Sie sich bitte an den jeweiligen Hersteller."