Submitting Tools

If you have just started working on your first Tool, check out the XRNX Starter Pack, docs and source code of existing Tools at

Packaging your Tool

You have two options here:
Automatically: Install the Export Tool Tool and choose the folder to export.
Manually: ZIP the folder contents (everything below "com.myname.ToolName.xrnx/").

Publishing your Tool on

To submit Tools you need to register as a Tool developer first. Please log in and contact us to do so. We'll need your forum user name in order to grant permissions to submit tools.

We usually give everyone the permission to submit tools who asks for it, but want to avoid that anonymous users can upload tools. Please note that we may remove tools if they do contain suspicious code or may cause harm in any way.

As soon as you are a registered tool developer, upload your Tool with this form.

Tool Updates

You can upload updates for an existing Tool you created when you edit your Tool's Page. In order for the Tool Updater Tool to work correctly, pay attention to the following fields in your Tool's manifest.xml:

  • Id - Identifies the Tool. If you change the Id between updates, people with older versions won't get updates. Also, you'll mess up your download counter.
  • Version - Used to compare the installed Tool's version number with the one on the server. 2 Decimals max. Increment the version number if you want Tool Updater to trigger an update notification.
  • ApiVersion - Tool Updater used the ApiVersion number to show only Tools compatible with the user's Renoise version.


Submit New Tool

Link does not work? Make sure you are logged in and carefully read the instructions above if you get an 'Authorization failed' error.