Renoise Tools


This tool makes it easy to slice a sample from within the pattern editor. Use it to remix and re-arrange existing (rendered) songs, or to extract snippets.


xStream can generate and transform musical data, using a subset of the lua language. The tool supports real-time operation as well as offline processing.


Information and source code is available on github


This tool adds highly configurable pattern-data sorting to Renoise. You can sort notes by scope (selection in pattern/phrase, column/track in pattern, and more), using various sorting algorithms.


PadSynth is a sample generator that uses the algorithm designed by Nasca Octavian Paul. The idea behind this synth is that you describe the frequency spectrum of a sound, by assigning values to its harmonics. The sound is then generated from this spectrum, but with a twist: a "spread" is applied to the harmonics, so that the sound feels more "natural", less exact and digital.

CDP Interface

The Composers Desktop Project (CDP) is a collection of command line sound editing and transformation functions that can be run from the terminal. This tool provides an interface to these processes and integrates them into a Renoise workflow.

There are a wide variety of processes including sound morphing, combining, convolving, granular processing etc. Over 800 processes are supported by this tool which includes the vast majority of processes offered by CDP.

OP-1 Export

This tool exports Renoise sliced samples in a drumkit format compatible with the OP-1 synthesizer by Teenage Engineering. Slices created in the Renoise Sample Editor are preserved in the OP-1 when the sample is exported using this tool.

The tool also features a simple 'auto' slicer which will slice the selected sample into a specified number of equally spaced slices.

Export To Unreal

Exports song data as a .json file to be imported into Unreal Engine 4 as a Data Table. Importing into UE4 requires a customised set of Structs to interpret the file contents into the Data Table format.

Automation Single Slider

Write automation envelopes with the large rotary (also MIDI mappable) . Popup menus select the device and parameter that you want to automate. There is a third popup which lists the already automated parameters for quick selection too.

All parameter selections are synced with the renoise automation list.

The [+] button adds a new `Instrument Automation Device` in the dsp lane, for the currently selected instrument. If there is already one present then that will become selected, without the a new device being added.


What are Tools?

Renoise Tools are scripts (XRNX files) that can be plugged into Renoise 2.6 and higher to add new features. To install a Tool, simply drag and drop the downloaded XRNX file onto a Renoise window.

Create your own Tools

Renoise Tools are built upon the Renoise Scripting API. If you want to know how to create your own Tools, please visit the Renoise Scripting mini-site and download the XrnxStarterPack.

Automatic Updates

Installed Tools can be automatically updated with the Tool Updater, which is pre-installed in Renoise 2.8 or later versions. To update your tools click on the Help/Find Tool Updates... menu in Renoise.