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xStream is a tool that allows you to generate or transform existing pattern/automation data via custom code. Depending on your experience with lua scripting, you can use the tool's built-in functionality or create new scripts (models) from scratch

Main features


The instrument in Renoise 3 has a feature which is well and truly hidden:
It supports comments and tags, both will be saved along with the instrument just fine.
It's just that we didn't have any way to view or edit those comments or tags - until now!

The tool is simple to use - drag to install the xrnx, then right-click any instrument to view/edit
(the dialog will automatically update as you switch between instruments)


Xrni-Merger is an "instrument asset manager", designed to make it easy to copy assets from one instrument into another. That would include modulation sets, effect chains, phrases and samples.

To make it more awesome, it does a lot of stuff behind the scenes. If you for example select a single sample that makes use of an effect chain that in turn send audio to another chain, this is detected by the tool and you can then choose to reconstruct the entire 'network' in the target instrument.


Noodletrap is a tool that allows easy and precise recording of PC/MIDI keyboards without having to "make room" for a recording - recordings are instead stored within the instrument itself, using instrument phrases.

Main features

Render Song to Soundcloud

A simple interface to the SoundCloud Desktop Sharing Kit (bundled with the Tool, no need to download it yourself). Creates "Render Song to SoundCloud..." in the File menu. Renders a 32bit WAV with the same sample rate as your current settings, cubic interpolation.

This only works on Windows and Mac. Sorry Linux users but there's no SoundCloud Desktop Sharing Kit for your platform (yet?)


New in version 0.4:

Update Checker

Update Checker is a drop-in replacement for Renoise's built-in "Check for Updates..." menu item. This Tool allows you to search for product updates from within Renoise.

Instrument Shortcuts Additions

Simply adds a few extra shortcuts to the instrument editor list
These are the extra shortcuts (and where you can find them):
Instrument Box:Navigation:Select previous sample
Instrument Box:Navigation:Select next sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Move sample up
Instrument Box:Edit:Move sample down
Instrument Box:Edit:Insert new sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Delete sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Rename sample
Instrument Box:Edit:Clear sample

Change Sample Properties

This tool allows you to globally change various options for all samples inside one instrument or all samples in all instruments instead of only one sample. (for instance by changing the interpolation to the lowest quality, you can save yourself some CPU consumption with one click.)
Simply change the values of the properties you would like to change, check the checkbox in front of it and hit the change button!.

Splitmap Manager

The Splitmap manager is an extended version of the drumkit.
-You can set a specific base-note to start from and an end-note to assign to.
-Assign each sample to multiple semitone keys
-Pad first sample to all lower keys below the start-note and pad the last sample to all higher keys above the end-note.
-Shift note-ranges up and down the virtual keyboard

Epic Arpeggiator

V3.0 (Click on the discussion link for V3.0 download!):
Instrument arpeggio's or sequencing by automating the pitch envelope;
Microtonal sequences possible;
Scale finder tool included for quick chord creation;
Export pattern sequence to pitch envelope:single note sequence or chords to arpeggio's and mixed mode sequences.
Storage of unlimited favorite presets

Arpeggiating note-schemes, instruments and velocity ranges (including volume fx commands)
Generate a fixed note-ladder and a fixed delay profile or generate a completely custom note profile and a custom line distance profile to assemble your arpeggiated note-schemes.
Possible work-areas: Selection, track and column, the last two either in pattern or complete song mode.
Other features:
-Chord mode
-Random mode
-Fetch note schemes from existing tracks


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