Who We Are

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Renoise is/was created by

Eduard Müller [taktik], Erik Jälevik [sharevari], Lucio Asnaghi [kRAkEn/gORe], Martin Alnæs [martinal], Simon Finne [simon], Kieran Foster [dblue] and Zvonko Tesic [phazze].

Additional DSP programming by Fabien Schivre and Jenner Fusari [neurotix].

Tutorials and Manual

Duncan Hemingway [Achenar], Erik Jälevik [sharevari], Vincent Voois [vV] and Sato Takashi [sato]

Web, Artwork, Support and Board

Paul Rogalinski [pulsar], Neil Gaeggeler [celsius], Alexander M. Korn [freideuter], Daniel Glaus, Marvin Tjon [bantai], Vincent Voois [vV], Kieran Foster [dblue] and Fabio Napodano [It-Alien].

Concept & Alpha Testing

Vincent Voois [vV], Marvin Tjon [bantai], Fabio Napodano [It-Alien], Klaus Spang [keith303], Tom de Rooy, Sato Takashi [sato], Gard Inderhaug [pysj], Neil Gaeggeler [celsius], Alexander M. Korn [freideuter], Sergey Luzhnov [zed], Ledger, Dac Chartrand [Conner_BW], Bjørn Næsby [danoise] and Johann Baron Lanteigne [JBL], Martin Bealby [mxb]

Thanks to

Sven-Oliver Kiesow, Moritz von Trotha, TAo-AAs, Paul Connell [tml_paul], Evert Jonker [Trackah], Craig Bynum [tEiS], Jeroen [DJ JR] and Lasse Mattila [Raina] and many others.

Renoise is based on NoiseTrekker (Tracker with No Name) by Juan Antonio Arguelles Rius [arguru].

Renoise uses the Freetype font rendering engine (see http://www.freetype.org) under the FIPL license and the FreeImage open source image library (see http://freeimage.sourceforge.net) under the FreeType Project License.

VST and ASIO are registered trademarks of Steinberg.
ReWire is a registered trademark of Propellerhead Software.

Copyright 2002-2016 by the Renoise authors. All rights reserved.