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Paketti Impulse Tracker shortcuts, non-Renoise shortcuts, Midi Controls, VST/VST3/AU shortcuts.. Sample... Workflow, Sample Editor, Pattern Editor
Narration Song Builds a song for narration instruments by automatically creating patterns that match each sample's... Song Editing
Reform Quickly and powerfully transform selections of notes in realtime! Pattern Editor, Strum, Resize
EQ Helper Adds menu entries to each EQ/filter and tracks for transposing by semitones. Supplies a “live-... EQ, Filter, Context Menu
Combine Instruments Copies samples from the instruments in the selected range into a new instrument. Workflow, Instrument Box, Instrument Management
Rezonator Sample generator based on Karplus-Strong synthesis. v0.01 First upload outside forum. Sample Generator
Macuilxochitl An attempt at a sampler, based on multiple types of sound synthesis. v0.018 first upload outside... Sample creator
Paddles A game for Renoise! CPU opponent Colorful graphical accents MIDI controls Sound FX 2-player mode... Game, Fun, Distraction
Advanced Step Composer Advanced Step Composer or A.S.C. is a stepper note injector, with an acidic sequencer approach. It... Pattern Editor, Step Sequencer
Convert Instrument Number This tool will take the pattern instrument numbers and convert them to the currently selected... Shortcut, Pattern Editor, Instrument Box
Export To Unreal Exports song data as a .json file to be imported into Unreal Engine 4 as a Data Table. Importing... File Export, Song Data
PadSynth PadSynth is a sample generator that uses the algorithm designed by Nasca Octavian Paul. The idea... Sample Generator, Instrument, Synthesis
Simple Pianoroll A simple piano roll for Renoise with many useful shortcuts. Pianoroll, Piano Roll, Pattern Editor
Start Recording On Note Input "Start Recording On Note Input" or "STN" starts recording notes from the first input note with... Pattern Editor, Workflow, Recording Notes
Playback Loop Selection "Playback Loop Selection" or "PLS" play in loop the selection in the pattern editor from a key... Pattern Editor, block loop, selection loop
Random Plug A tool that suggests a random instrument and a random effect plug to load. Also when a plugin... Helper, Instrument, Instrument Box
Missing Plugins Info Simplified This tool adds an alternative entry to the Song Menu for listing missing song plugins. It gives a... Helper, plugins, Song
Nudge Track Delay Gives fine control nudge buttons for the renoise track delays with the bonus of working on group... Helper, Track, Delay
Device Sergeant Device Sergeant allows you to to have macro style control of all devices in the mixer of the same... Helper, Mixer, DSP
Sync All Notes In Group This is a tool to make doubling/tripling.. tracks in your song a lot easier, allowing a quick... Pattern Editor, Instruments, Workflow
Quick Vol AHDSR An alternative mini GUI to access an Attack,Hold,Decay,Sustain,Release (AHDSR) envelope in the... sampler, Pattern Editor, ahdsr
Auto Capture Instrument From First Note This tool gives an alternative feature to renoise`s "Auto Capture Instrument From Pattern". -... Pattern Editor, Workflow
Groove Control This tool gives you a macro for the 4 sliders in the master-track groove control. Also a button to... Groove, Shuffle, Macro
Mix Balancer What it`s for: This tool is to help you achieve a balanced mix more quickly. It features 4 Gain-... Mixer, Mixing, Helper
Send mixer This tool gives you a mixer to control all your send levels: Menu : Tools:Ledger`s Scripts:Send... Mixer, Send Tracks, Workflow
Auto Maximize Selected DSP Device This tool will automatically maximize the currently selected DSP in renoise`s DSP lane while... Maximize, DSP, Tidy
Automation Single Slider Write automation envelopes with the large rotary (also MIDI mappable) . Popup menus select the... Automation, Workflow, plugins
The Deliverer The Deliverer is a batch rendering and archival tool for collecting mixdowns, stems, Renoise... Workflow, Batch Rendering, Rendering
Session Time Tracker The Session Time Tracker is a totally automatic time tracker for monitoring time spent on each song... Workflow, Time Tracking
RubberBand-Aid: Timeshift, Pitch Correction, and Multisample Builder A full-featured frontend for the Rubber Band time stretching and pitch manipulation library that... Workflow, Sample Editor, Pitch Shift
SamRender SamRender is a small tool created by ulneiz to render and load the resulting wave into a specific... Pattern Editor, Sample Editor, Rendering
Acid Step Sequencer Acid Step Sequencer or A.S.S. is a stepper note injector, with an acidic sequencer approach. Choose... Pattern Editor, Notes, Parameters
ModFXRender ModFXRender is a massive sample rendering tool created by ulneiz. It can take advantage of sample... Render Samples, modulation, Sample Effects
SpeedBar Speed bar for quickly searching keybindings using fuzzy matching that gets immediately out of the... Workflow
Midi Convert w/ extended export Extended version of conner_bw's original midi convert tool, including danoise's additions from 2017... Utility, MIDI, Conversion
Expand Song A tool for expanding a whole song by an integer factor. Pattern Editor, Timing, Automation
Arturia KeyLab mkII The Arturia KeyLab mkII is a "bridge" tool to make these MIDI controller keyboards (KeyLab mkII 49... Workflow, Pattern Editor, MIDI Controller
SamRender SamRender is a small tool created by ulneiz to render and load the resulting wave into a specific... Pattern Editor, Sample Editor, Rendering
SAI & Phrases Importer Provides two separate panels for: - "Save all instruments": save all XRNI instruments of the... Instrument Box, Phrases