Mix Balancer

What it`s for:

This tool is to help you achieve a balanced mix more quickly. It features 4 Gain-Nudge Buttons, which apply to the tracks post-faders. There are two modes of action:

The Gain Nudge buttons effect the current track post-faders and all other tracks post-faders will be moved in the opposite direction. Similar to a Tilt EQ.

The Gain Nudge buttons effect the current track post-faders only.

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A helper for when you are mixing and want to zoom in on the details of a particular track, as an alternative to full solo.

GUI has:
1) [BPM Buttons]

to speed or slow the BPM by 30. The original song BPM is shown in the text above.

2) Track selection popup

choose track you wish to solo

3) [Spotlight Solo button]:

Device Sergeant

Device Sergeant allows you to to have macro style control of all devices in the mixer of the same name.

To Use

Open the tool and navigate to the device you want to use as a master device. You can rename all devices that already share the same name using the text field. Alternatively name a few by hand to group them together for the tool. (devices must be of the same type)

Send mixer

This tool gives you a mixer to control all your send levels:

Menu : Tools:Ledger`s Scripts:Send Mixer

Shortcut : Global:Tools: Send Mixer

To use:

1) Choose target send track from switcher on top left.

2) Move sliders and send devices are automatically added if not already present

3) Navigate tracks by pressing the blank square buttons (left of `S` buttons). They light up green when a track is selected

4) solo tracks with the `S` buttons

Collapse/Expand All Tracks in Group

This tool implements the missing collapse/expand toggle for all tracks in a group, to be assigned to a keyboard shortcut: Sample Editor --> Group --> Collapse/Expand All Tracks in Group; Mixer --> Track --> Collapse/Expand All Tracks in Group.

Update 0.2: Compatible with Renoise 3.1

Multi Volumes

Runs in the background and lets you control multiple track (pre&post) volumes and maintain their relative levels.

When it's enabled select tracks that you want to control in the pattern matrix and then adjust any mixer volume fader, all other selected tracks will also be adjusted by the same decibel value.

By default the tool is set to be operated manually and to only work on post fx volume faders.
Installing gives you two keyboard shortcuts, "Multi Volumes Enable" and "disable". Assign these to keys to manually enable/disable the tool.

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Menus and Keyboard shortcuts for
* a tool window to help show certain parameters in the mixer (like all automated, all controlled/modulated, all bound via midi)
* toggling all parameters on currently selected device

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Set Track Delay In Samples In The Mixer

This small tool allows one to set the track output delay in samples, instead of only milliseconds.


Version 1.2:

- 192KHz added for Renoise 3.1

Version 1.1:

- compatibility for Renoise 2.7 and 2.8
- included manual
- other stuff i don't remember anymore

Version 1.01:

- compatibility fix for Renoise 2.6 Beta 7 and newer versions

Version 1.0

- initial release

Tags: Utility, Mixer

Show Automated Sliders In The Mixer

This small tool adds a few menu entries to the mixer and allows you to show all automated, modulated and midi mapped sliders and also to hide them all. This can be applied to the complete mixer or just single tracks.

With modulated sliders the ones automated by the Meta Devices from Renoise are meant, which also takes crosstrack routing into account.

Switch to the mixer view in Renoise, open the context menu and look for "Mixer ->" and "Track ->" to find the new menu entries.

Keybinds can be found in the Renoise preferences under "Mixer -> Mixer ->" and "Mixer -> Track ->".

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