Midi Convert w/ extended export

Extended version of conner_bw's original midi convert tool, including danoise's additions from 2017. It extends the export of the tool, including pitchbend, aftertouch, vsti parameter and midi cc automation, which makes it very handy to convert your song to common pianoroller daws.

Clear Selection

Super simple tool to add a shortcut to the pattern and phrase editor, which clears the current selection. Normally a double click is required for this action and it removes the need to reach for your mouse.


Version 1.1

- phrase editor added

Version 1.0

- initial release


Metronome Pre-Click / Count-in tool.

Known issue : If you press a single keyboard note very early into the countdown in no-GUI mode you may get a freak note 1/4 down your pattern. (Wont cause problems if you use the tool normally)


-Some syncing problems should be fixed....

-Now remembers the state of the current track, stays in solo mode if it was before recording.

-Doesn't skip to the next pattern no matter what.


- Synced start point, should work much better until I figure out how to move to a specific point in a pattern

Set Track Delay In Samples In The Mixer

This small tool allows one to set the track output delay in samples, instead of only milliseconds.


Version 1.2:

- 192KHz added for Renoise 3.1

Version 1.1:

- compatibility for Renoise 2.7 and 2.8
- included manual
- other stuff i don't remember anymore

Version 1.01:

- compatibility fix for Renoise 2.6 Beta 7 and newer versions

Version 1.0

- initial release

Tags: Utility, Mixer

Copy Automation

This tool makes it easy to copy and paste automation data for the complete song between different device parameters.

To access this tool, open the automation editor and do a right click on one of the automated parameters in the list. Once copied find your target parameter and do a right click again for pasting the data.

Midi Convert

Converts a Renoise song into a MIDI file. Notes are grouped by instrument and exported per track.

Synchronize Modulation DSPs

This tool allows you to set the rate parameter of the Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects in lines per cycle and the frequency of the LFO device in Hz. Tempo synced modulation is now much easier possible. Do a right click on one of the supported DSPs in the device chain or mixer to access the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts:

NUMPAD 0 = set input value to current pattern length
ARROW UP/DOWN = adjust input value in small steps
PAGE UP/DOWN = adjust input value in bigger steps
HOME/END = min/max input value
ENTER = set input value
ESC = close dialog


Version 1.2

Tags: Utility, DSP
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