Pattern Editor

Start Recording On Note Input

"Start Recording On Note Input" or "STN" starts recording notes from the first input note with follow the player's position in the pattern. It will start recording from the selected line.
- Go to "Renoise/Options:~ Start Recording On Note Input" to enable/disable it.

Playback Loop Selection

"Playback Loop Selection" or "PLS" play in loop the selection in the pattern editor from a key command. It also allows unmarking the selection and greater control of the loop selection. You can also set the selection with the mouse while the PLS is working.
- Go to "Renoise/Edit/Preferences/Keys: Pattern Editor:Selection:~ Playback Loop Selection" to link it (suggestion: [CTRL + ALT + L]).
- Go to "Renoise/Edit/Preferences/Keys: Pattern Editor:Selection:~ Unmarked Selection" to unmark the selection (suggestion: [SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + L]).

Acid Step Sequencer

Acid Step Sequencer or A.S.S. is a stepper note injector, with an acidic sequencer approach. Choose a number of steps between 2 and 32. You can manipulate the notes and all their related values. Use the Master Step (“M” swith) for manipulation in selective groups or each step individually. You will be able to import, edit and delete data. Experiment with your notes quickly from a advanced sequencer panel. Use the power of randomization to get more creative in no time. This tool will add hours of fun building your patterns!

Expand Song

A tool for expanding a whole song by an integer factor.

Arturia KeyLab mkII

The Arturia KeyLab mkII is a "bridge" tool to make these MIDI controller keyboards (KeyLab mkII 49, KeyLab mkII 61 or KeyLab mkII 88) compatible with Renoise.
In general, it enables all the extra buttons of the controller and converts the wheels and faders into dedicated controls for direct editing in the pattern editor and for navigation.
Activate the tool and go. The learning mode of MIDI mapping is not necessary! Turn this controller into something useful!!!

Random Range Track

This double function randomizes the notes or values of the selected range within the selected track.
First it is necessary to select an area in the pattern editor. The first line and the last line selected must have different notes/values, which define the minimum and maximum notes/values of the range to randomize.
Use "ALT + mouse select" to the precise selection.

Access: "Pattern Editor/Selection/Randomize Notes... (or Randomize Effects...)".

Update History:

Random Range Track v2.0


Orchestral is a practical tool to insert groups with tracks, groups or tracks for the simphony orchestra style. Build your song templates quickly and orderly.


KangarooX120 is a massive notes routing tool, compatible with MIDI Input and OSC. It is specially designed to play and record live percussion sections and pianos, with routing of different notes, instruments and tracks. Your GUI is designed for HD screens (1920x1080 px.) or larger monitors, although it can work in more compact screens...

KangarooX120 jump and hit very hard!!! ...enjoy it!

Partial Quantize

A simple tool for partial quantizing (quantizing notes, but not all the way). Find it in the tools menu or the pattern editor right-click menu. You can also search for "partially quantize" in the keybindings.

v1.2 (2/1/19)
- Fix broken behavior when dragging the quantize amount valuebox
- Remove the "quantize length" note-off mode
- Add nudge and swing options

v1.1 (11/17/18)
- Fix note offs with no preceding note data being erased
- Add a valuebox for inputting quantize amount percentages


SamRender is a small tool created by ulneiz to render and load the resulting wave into a specific sample. SamRender can render the entire song (Entire Song), multiple slots selection inside matrix editor (Matrix Sel.), a specific sequence range (Seq. Range) or a range of lines of a particular pattern (Lines Patt.). It uses a temporary buffer to store a wav file, which it then loads into a sample to choose from.


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