Combine Instruments

Copies samples from the instruments in the selected range into a new instrument.


Quickly and powerfully transform selections of notes in realtime!


This tool saves and loads the default MIDI mapping
as “MIDIMAPRQ.XRNM” next to the (once installed) tool location.


MidiMapRQ under menu Tools…
a Load button
a Save button

Menu entry under Song:
Save Default MIDI Mappings
Load Default MIDI Mappings

This tool got tested with Renoise 3.4.0 - It may work with Renoise 3.1 or newer.

Simple Pianoroll

A simple piano roll for Renoise with many useful shortcuts.

Start Recording On Note Input

"Start Recording On Note Input" or "STN" starts recording notes from the first input note with follow the player's position in the pattern. It will start recording from the selected line.
- Go to "Renoise/Options:~ Start Recording On Note Input" to enable/disable it.

Session Time Tracker

The Session Time Tracker is a totally automatic time tracker for monitoring time spent on each song. If you have the tool installed, it will just work in the background, without altering your workflow in any way. The tool classifies time spent based on activity, for insight into which tasks take the most time.

If you choose to open the tool’s dialog, you’ll see the tool window update in realtime based on your usage. Saving the file will save the tracking information for the time you spent.

The Deliverer

The Deliverer is a batch rendering and archival tool for collecting mixdowns, stems, Renoise instruments, and raw samples, with customizable destination folders, export formats, and flexible naming for stems and mixdowns. It can batch render any combination of Master mixdown, individual track stems, and grouped track stems (submixes), with customizable filenames and destination folders for each.


Speed bar for quickly searching keybindings using fuzzy matching that gets immediately out of the way when you press a key combination.

It will read all alphanumeric input and backspace as input to the search. Escape will clear the search; hit it again to close the dialog. Any other key combination entered will immediately close the dialog and pass directly to Renoise.

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RubberBand-Aid: Timeshift, Pitch Correction, and Multisample Builder

A full-featured frontend for the Rubber Band time stretching and pitch manipulation library that provides the ability to time-stretch or pitch correct any sample or selection thereof, and includes a multisample generator for building sample-based instruments that maintain attack, decay, and vibrato across the entire keyboard. Well-documented, with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for making edits FAST.

Multijump From/To Send


Tool for quickly stepping thru all target send tracks of a source tracks and vice versa.


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