RubberBand-Aid: Timeshift, Pitch Correction, and Multisample Builder

A full-featured frontend for the Rubber Band time stretching and pitch manipulation library that provides the ability to time-stretch or pitch correct any sample or selection thereof, and includes a multisample generator for building sample-based instruments that maintain attack, decay, and vibrato across the entire keyboard. Well-documented, with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for making edits FAST.

Sync All Notes In Group

This is a tool to make doubling/tripling.. tracks in your song a lot easier, allowing a quick workflow for layering sounds. It manages multiple tracks within a group to keep the same notes copied across them all. Each track retains it`s own instrument and you can add different fx and automation to each instrument layer.

scl to xrni

Choose from over 4000 Scala tuning files and apply them to Renoise instruments for alternative scales and microtonal tunings.


Make supersaw instruments, or Unisonize any single-sample instrument

the parameters & "what they do":
Detune count = 1 to 7, makes extra saws (times 2) (detune steps)
"One Tuned" decides if the base sample that stays on finetune = 50% = 0 deviation, is on (volume 0dB) or off
Detune = 0 to 127 max detuning of saws

Vsti From Menu

This tool enables you to load VSTi`s and VST fx from either the Instrument menu, or the DSP lane and mixer respectively.
As of version 1.0 there are search boxes provided for fast loading of plugins using the keyboard only.
note: requires a new song to be loaded/ started after initial install to create the menus.

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