Renoise 3.1 goes gold

We're happy to announce that another round of beta testing has passed. Renoise 3.1 is ready for production.

Renoise 3.1

What's new?

In case you missed it the first time around, new features in 3.1 include:

  • Support for VST and AU MIDI generators: This means that you can use specialized tools such as harmonizers, note matrices or arpeggiators - things that can “drive” other instruments in Renoise.
  • Improvements to the sound engine: Completely new, rewritten filter section as well as optional oversampling and bandlimiting on sample playback. Various improvements to Renoise's native DSP devices.
  • More love for Phrases: Phrases have become a lot more powerful and streamlined too - when working within the phrase editor, you could describe it as “feeling more like the pattern editor”. And when working in the pattern editor, you have more options for controlling phrases.
  • Presets everywhere. And now, libraries too: Renoise 3.1 includes a more powerful preset system. You can now store/recall samples and keyzones as presets too, and the whole preset browsing experience has been improved.

... and much more. A detailed description of what's new can be found on the Renoise 3.1 launch page.