Mutant Breaks #10 - Voting starts Dec.10th

The eclectic music competition known as Mutant Breaks (or MBC) has returned for the 10th time.

The competition is already in full swing, with a dozen entries and counting.
Join the challenge to vote, win prizes, or just for lulz. You decide!!

Deadline is December 10th

Forum link with rules, entries, etc.


Mutant Breaks #8

Mutant Breaks; the exceptionally well disorganised annual Renoise competition has returned!! The rules are simple – submit a Renoise track between 3-7 minutes long, based on this year’s theme.

Mutant Breaks #6 Recap

Mutant breaks is an unorganized and mostly unadvertised yearly contest where experimental breakbeat producers come together to judge and be judged - Then the votes are thrown out the window and winners are chosen through random, poorly enacted, performance art. Cash prizes!


Mutant Breaks #5 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! Thanks to No Weapon for letting us shoot the announcement in their studio. As promised here's the video of my daughter eating cake.


Mutant Breaks #5

The 5th annual Mutant Breaks is so unorganized I'm not even going to bother posting anything about it. Click to click.


Mutant Breaks #4 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! As promised here's the video of my daughter picking the winning piece of paper from a hat.


Download the Mutant Breaks #4 Vote Pack now!

Here is the vote pack: [194 MB]

There are 23 songs in this pack. Participants must pick and post their top 3 in the Mutant Breaks Competition #4 thread or they are disqualified. The top 10 go into a hat. My ~18 month old daughter picks a winner. I will make a YouTube video of this.


Efficient Music Compo Results

The results of the Efficient Music Compo have been calculated and the winner was announced in a live internet radio show. For those who missed it, you can download it now: Efficient Music Compo Show [50MB].

Check out the complete list of Efficient Music Compo Results.


Vote for Efficient Music

The The Efficient Music Competition is almost over and we want YOU to vote. The submitted songs combine awesomeness with low CPU usage which is exactly what we are looking for. All that remains is picking the winning song. Vote now - the voting booths are closing this Sunday.



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