Maintenance update: Renoise 2.6.1

A maintenance update for Renoise 2.6 is now available. The update is particularly recommended for Linux 64-bit users.


Meet up at the pool party in Los Angeles, Sunday October 24th 2010

It's end of summer and we're going party like we just don't care. "Team Renoise and Team Indamixx is gunna BANG THE BOX in 2011 and it's gunna start right here in Los Angeles by the way of BERLIN!" That's right, we're having a pool party at "The Standard Downtown" Los Angeles next Sunday, 24th. The party starts at 1 PM. Free drinks and T-shirts between 6 PM and 8 PM, brought to you by Indamixx and Renoise while supplies last.

Category: back online after being attacked

On Friday the 8th of January 2010, was targeted by hackers.

To prevent any further harm, we immediately shut down the server. We then carefully analyzed what exactly had happened since the attack. This is why the website was down for so long.


Efficient Music Compo Results

The results of the Efficient Music Compo have been calculated and the winner was announced in a live internet radio show. For those who missed it, you can download it now: Efficient Music Compo Show [50MB].

Check out the complete list of Efficient Music Compo Results.


Vote for Efficient Music

The The Efficient Music Competition is almost over and we want YOU to vote. The submitted songs combine awesomeness with low CPU usage which is exactly what we are looking for. All that remains is picking the winning song. Vote now - the voting booths are closing this Sunday.


The Efficient Music Competition - Extended to 25 Oct

The "optimize your song like hell" aka Renoise/Indamixx/CDM compo has a new name; The Efficient Music Competition. We have just opened a new mini-site on, where you can upload and download songs, discuss optimization techniques and vote for competition entries - in a special kind of way.


Competition: Optimize the hell out of your song

Trackers have always been about getting the most out of little. Big productions from tiny bed rooms. Epic songs in kilobytes rather than megabytes. And most importantly, all that through your personal computer instead of a multi-million dollar studio.

Lately we've been spoiled with elaborate plugins, unlimited channels and an ever more powerful growing CPU. At the cost of the true ninja tracker spirit.


Awesome Renoise 2.0 review in Computer Music 138

Hot off the press! Computer Music 138 contains an awesome review of Renoise 2.0.


Results are in! Immortal Empire - Renoise Music Competition

The Immortal Empire - Renoise Music Competition has come to an end. The winners are: Jacek Dojwa, Frej Bjon, and Bence Tasnadi. Congratulations! They receive $300, $200, and $100 (USD) respectively and will have their music featured in the upcoming role playing game Immortal Empire.

The response to the compo was immense, with participants sending in over 50 great songs. Immortal Empire's developer Tactic Studios has ranked and reviewed all songs: Compo results and comments.


Immortal Empire - Renoise Music Competition

To celebrate the launch of Renoise 2.0, the teams from Renoise and Tactic Studios are announcing the start of the official Immortal Empire - Renoise Music Competition. The objective of the competition is to score music for the upcoming MMORPG Immortal Empire. The game is a turn-based strategic RPG set in a fantasy world.



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