Crippled chords without a Full N-Key Rollover

Identifying the problem

What do writers, gamers and trackers have in common? You type so fast that you hold the keys before they appear on screen. The word "the" is so common, you simply press all three keys are pressed at once. But what happens with lenghtier words? BEEP! Or imagine, your rocket launcher refuses to fire because you are doing a diagonal doublejump in a First Person Shooter. It could mean the end of your virtual life.

Sample compression in XRNS files

Songs take less space in Renoise 1.8 than they would have in 1.5 and before. That is because the samples inside the songs are being compressed. Renoise uses lossless compression: once decompressed, the original samples are restored without any loss of quality. One of Renoise 1.8's best kept secrets may be the possibility to manually replace lossless samples with smaller, lossy ones. Lossy compression allows you to bring an 35 MB song back to 2 MB without degrading sound quality too much.


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