Wrapping up Renoise 2 Beta Compo

The deadline of the Renoise 2 Beta Competition has passed. We have received a fair amount of pretty good songs and we are currently deciding on a winner.

In the previous post about the compo I promised a public Renoise 2.0 RC1 demo. Unfortunately at this time the demo has been delayed for about 1 week. Beta 6 will be released shortly.


Renoise 2 Beta 5 and second round of the Beta Music Compo

Renoise 2 Beta 5 is now available for all registered users. This will be the last Beta before moving on to the first public Release Candidate. Beta 5 contains several fixes and new features. For a detailed overview of the new features in Renoise 2 check out the What's New section.


Renoise 2 Beta Music Competition

Renoise 2.0 is shaping up quite nicely. Its new timing features help you get a more natural and organic sound. But, we need a really good demo song for when Renoise 2 goes public. One that makes you say: "Wow, that wasn't possible with Renoise before!"


Groovy bassline in less than 5 minutes

This tutorial covers the 2nd half of the Renoise Workflow video. We will continue where we left off, about 4 minutes in the video.


Fat beat in less than 10 minutes

Neil from the bigbeat collective Shaper shows you how he produces a track in Renoise. Learn to create a fat beat in less than 10 minutes.


Sneaking into Renoise 1.9

The very first public demo and Release Candidate for registered users of Renoise 1.9 will arrive a little bit later than promised.

In the meantime, check out the Renoise 1.9 sneak peek by everyone's favorite Renoise monkey, the honorable Mr. Baguette.


Renoise.com downtime

The server on which renoise.com is hosted experienced hardware failure, causing the site to be down for the past day. It appears all data has now been restored without any significant loss of data. If the site does not look or behave correctly, please be patient as we tie up the remaining loose ends. If you experience anything inordinary related to the site, please contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Renoise News articles removed from In:Depth's home page

Due to popular demand, all articles in the Renoise News category are now removed from In:Depth's home page and main feed. With this change, we hope to increase attention on the real purpose of In:Depth: tutorials and technical articles related to Renoise.

Advanced Midi Routing for Renoise

There are numerous reasons to send MIDI data between Renoise and another program, merge MIDI data or even send MIDI data to a different computer.

In this tutorial I will try to cover every possible scenario.

This article focuses on PCs running Windows. However, the guidelines may also apply to other platforms.


Submit your XRNT Device Chains!

The testing of Renoise 1.9 betas continue. We all hope you're doing your very best to hunt out those bugs. Right now we need a little creativity for a project - we need effect chains in the XRNT format. If you have made some interesting FX combinations, let the world hear them and let us include them into the final release. Please use only internal Renoise FX for the device chains, so that they always work out of the box without having this or that VST installed. Have a look at some of the examples here and submit your own: http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?showtopic=13319


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