Registration FAQ

  • Why should I buy Renoise?

    Check out the Registration Benefits. You will be able to access Renoise Backstage to download personalized Renoise versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux. There's also a royalty-free sample pack and a priority support facility.

  • How does the registration process work?

    1. Go to the order form from our sales processor Avangate.
    2. Fill in the billing information.
    3. Choose a payment option. Many payment options are immediately validated and processed. A bank/wire transfer on the other hand can add a delay from hours up to several days.
    4. Continue and confirm the order. Some payment options prompt you for a follow-up action, such as logging in and confirming the transaction. A bank/wire transfer requires that you manually send the money from your bank account to Avangate's account. The details are sent in an e-mail.
    5. Check your e-mail. You should have received an order confirmation from Avangate Customer Service.
    6. You will get a Payment Receipt e-mail from Avangate once the money has been received. In most cases it happens shortly after the previous e-mail.
    7. Finally you get the most important e-mail from The Registration Confirmation contains the username and password to access, where you can download fully unlocked Renoise versions with your name on them.
  • Do I need a credit card to buy Renoise?

    No. We accept the following payment methods:

    • Paypal
    • Alipay
    • Direct Debit
    • iDEAL
    • WebMoney
    • Giropay
    • Bank transfer (Wire/ACH transfer)
    • (
    • Check
    • Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, DinersClub, American Express, JCB, PostePay, Discover (Novus) and Carte Bleue)
  • When will I receive my password?

    After the transaction has been successfully completed, you will receive an Order Invoice / Receipt from our reseller Avangate. Wait for another e-mail from, because that one contains your password. To download your personalized full version of Renoise, use that password to login to Renoise Backstage.

    Depending on your spam filter, the e-mails may have been blocked. If you cannot even find the e-mails after searching your spam folders:

    • Put and on your whitelist
    • Generate a new password (username = name that you used to register, eg. "John Doe")
    • Check your e-mail again

    If all fails, contact us. Include as much relevant information as possible.

  • My card was not accepted. Why?

    Reasons for rejection can be:

    • Not enough money. Charge your account or extend the credit limit.
    • The bank's server could not be reached.
    • Some cards don't support online transactions. Ask the bank to activate this service.

    We advise you to always call the toll-free number on the back of your card if you're facing this issue.

  • What is the VAT Number on the order form?

    You can leave the VAT Number field empty, unless you are buying Renoise for a business with a VAT ID in the EU.

  • On how many computers can I install Renoise?

    You can use your personal Renoise version on any number of computers, as long as you remain the sole user.

    By 'use' we do not mean distributing your copy via warez sites and p2p networks.

    For details, see the License Agreement § 3.

  • Do I need to buy a separate copy of Renoise for each platform?

    No. With a single account you can install Renoise on Windows, MacOS and Linux at the same time. You must however be the only user.

  • Are other people allowed to use my copy of Renoise?

    No. Your registered Renoise copy is restricted to you. Sharing violates the License Agreement.

    Check your download folder and P2P shared folders to avoid that your personal Renoise copies can be downloaded by others.

  • What do I get in return for buying Renoise?

    Check out the registration benefits. Once you have purchased Renoise you will receive an e-mail with a username and password. Use those credentials to log in to Renoise Backstage, from where you can download the software you are entitled to. You will also be able to request priority support, and download exclusive content (instruments).

  • How long do I get free updates?

    You will receive free updates for 1 full version number. For example, when you register Renoise 2.6, you can download all versions up to and including Renoise 3.6.

    You may upgrade your account at any time to increase the maximum version number you can download. Upgrading an existing account is cheaper than buying a new account.