Registration benefits

Buy Renoise right now to get the full version of Renoise and an exclusive sample kit. By supporting Renoise you help us make it even better!

Unlock Renoise's full potential

  • Render songs to .wav (up to 32-bit, 96 kHz)
  • Render selections to samples
  • No more nag screens
  • ASIO support
  • ReWire without hiss and with unlimited inputs

Over 800 MB worth of free Sample and Instrument (XRNI) Packs

A 800+ MB collection of samples and XRNI instruments created by PureMagnetik, BeatSlaughter and Reason Lahalla will be available to you at Renoise Backstage when you become a registered user. XRNI instruments are cross-platform, multi-sample instruments unique to Renoise

Support the program you love

We want to make affordable high-quality music software. We don't expect to become millionaires. However, we do need to cover expenses, maintain a website, and pay developers. Registering Renoise helps the software we all love continue to exist and evolve.

Free updates

Your license is valid for one full version. For example, if you start with Renoise 2.7 you'll get updates up until, and including, 3.7. Our point releases pack features, not just maintenance updates. Check out our release notes and see for yourself what a great value this represents.

Buy once, install on any supported OS

You don't need to buy another account just because you want to dual-boot Windows and Linux and run Renoise on both of them. You can download, install and use Renoise on any number of computers, as long as you remain the only user. That's because when you buy Renoise, we are registering you, not your equipment.

Be part of Renoise's development

A registered Renoise user is more than just a paying customer. You can be part of the development!
Registered users get to access exclusive beta versions. That way you can use new features long before others

Not registered? Only using the demo version? We still love you!

  • You can post suggestions on the forum. Many features have made it this way into Renoise.
  • You can make tools. Renoise has an extensive Lua API. Renoise's XML format can be parsed by many programming languages.
  • Participate in Renoise song competitions. Renoise BeatBattle 4's winner got the feature he wished for: Line-In Recording.
  • We are completely community driven. You can talk with the main programmer and other team members. In fact, most team members are recruited from the forum.