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Repeater Notation

Inserts notes into the Pattern Editor that match Repeater timings. This can be done manually or by linking to a Repeater and using its effect commands to track the changes made.


Wouldn’t it be nice to just draw something and that would drive some musical changes? The Drawtomator allows you to do this by assigning effect parameters to the X and Y axis of your drawing....

Narration Song

Select an instrument and this tool will do the following to it* and all consecutive instruments* below it in the Instrument Editor: Enable Autoseek Give the instrument its own pattern Set the length...

Zero Point Stereo

Places and moves markers to the best zero point on a waveform. Mainly used for separating songs on the waveform of a full album/EP. Includes an option to pinpoint CD index frames.

Loop Marker Automation

Allows you to change how a sample is being looped by controlling the movement of two slice markers. Loop playback responds to both start and end marker movement. Press the ‘Set Markers’ button and...

Export To Unreal

Unreal Engine 4 doesn't allow the importing of .xml files, so songs can't be loaded into it directly from the Song.xml found in a Renoise song. This tool exports song data as a .json file to be...