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Create Tool

This Tool is for Tool developers tired of the chores involved with setting up new Tools or zipping a new XRNX file after an update. This Tool also helps new Tool developers getting past the first few...

Tempo Tap

Sets or finds a new BPM value by tapping the beat on a really big button. Includes an option to create a tempo track in which TempoTap writes tempo commands as you tap along the music. Adds a new...

Toggle DSPs

Provides menu items and keybindings to toggle DSPs in the current track or in the whole song. Menu Items: - Tools > Toggle DSPs - Mixer > Toggle DSPs - Track DSPs Chain > Toggle DSPs...

Tool Updater

Tool Updater will look for updates for your installed tools on If there are any updates, you will get a dialog to choose for which tools you want to download and install the update...

Update Checker

Update Checker is a drop-in replacement for Renoise's built-in "Check for Updates..." menu item. This Tool allows you to search for product updates from within Renoise. The built-in check opens the...