BeatBattle 5 Prizes

BeatBattle 5's Final Ranking has been published, so it is time to give all the winners their prizes. In fact, all plugins from CamelAudio, Crysonic, NUSofting and Tone2, and the Trotch discography, have already been given away. We are now collecting personal information from those who win the Renoise licenses and WusikStations. At the moment of writing, we have sent e-mails to ranks 5 to 9. If you are one of them, please answer as quickly as possible, so we can proceed with the next ranks. We might have prizes for ranks up to 20, so stay alert.

BeatBattle 5 Grand Finale Tonight

Renoise's epic music compo BeatBattle 5 ~Underwater~ is coming to an end. The final ranking will be determined and published tonight, 31 July 2007 at 23:59 + 2:00 GMT. After that time, althought it will still be possible to rate and review, the outcome of the compo cannot be influenced anymore. Which songs do you think will be make it to the top 5? If you haven't done so, leave a rating for the songs while you still can! Update - results are in!

BeatBattle 5 - voting ends soon

It is almost time to announce the winners of the Renoise BeatBattle 5 ~Underwater~ music competition. Be quick if you still want your opinion on the songs to be heard, because the voting closing date is only 4 days away: 31 July 2007. Vote now: BeatBattle 5 voting

BeatBattle 5 voting started

It is time to decide which are the best songs of Renoise BeatBattle 5. Far from being an easy task, since the overall quality of the entries is pretty high. BB5Voting You are invited to voice your opinion on the songs. It does not matter if you are a participant or not. As long as you can write a fair review.

BeatBattle 5 entries available

Friday June 1 was the last day to send in songs for the BeatBattle 5 music competition. We received 55 songs with a combined filesize of 160 MB. See if your mp3 collection can beat that ratio ;) BeatBattle 5 Entries Public voting will be available in a few days.

Arguru passes away in a car accident

We are sad to hear that Arguru has died in a car accident on 3 June 2007.  He was a very talented programmer and creator of a lot of great software, including NoiseTrekker, which formed the basis for the very first version of Renoise.



Monsieur Baguette caught on tape

One picture says more than 1000 words. One video says more than 1000 pictures. Is there a better way to show Renoise in action? We caught Monsieur Baguette on tape for some hands-on Renoise action. Kaneel video

Renoise supports Sound Design course at the University of California

Traditional horizontal sequencers are widely used for educational purposes, but how well do trackers fare on schools and universities nowadays? In any case, it would be interesting to see how students respond to working with Renoise. Recently we sponsored several copies of Renoise for use in a Digital Video & Sound Design course at the University of California, Los Angeles.

BeatBattle 5 Underwater

On May 1, BeatBattle 5 launched together with our website's rejuvenation and the introduction of an all new magazine section. The theme could not have been more appropriate to accompany the immersive articles.

BeatBattle 5's theme is: Underwater!


BeatBattle 5 starts May 1st

Cancel your next month's appointments! BeatBattle 5 starts on May 1st.

New rules

Renoise songs with vocals and live instruments are few and far between. That makes us a bit sad. We allow you to use VSTs and the External Audio Recorder, one of Renoise 1.8's main new features. Mind you, we will only accept stand-alone XRNS files. VSTs must be rendered down.


You have one month to create a song that fits the given theme. We will announce the theme when the compo starts, on May 1st.



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