BeatBattle 5 Prizes

BeatBattle 5's Final Ranking has been published, so it is time to give all the winners their prizes. In fact, all plugins from CamelAudio, Crysonic, NUSofting and Tone2, and the Trotch discography, have already been given away. We are now collecting personal information from those who win the Renoise licenses and WusikStations. At the moment of writing, we have sent e-mails to ranks 5 to 9. If you are one of them, please answer as quickly as possible, so we can proceed with the next ranks. We might have prizes for ranks up to 20, so stay alert. We are handing out over 1500 Eur worth of VSTs, records and Renoise licenses: Find out if you are one of the winners: Renoise BeatBattle 5 Ranking