Arguru passes away in a car accident

We are sad to hear that Arguru has died in a car accident on 3 June 2007.  He was a very talented programmer and creator of a lot of great software, including NoiseTrekker, which formed the basis for the very first version of Renoise.


Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius will be remembered as a very productive and talented developer, starting new projects every few months.  His work includes NoiseTrekker, Aodix, Modix, and Psycle and plugins such as DirectWave and StarDust.  He was also recently involved with projects for ImageLine FL Studio.

We offer our condolences to Arguru's family and friends. Rest in Peace, Arguru.

Original announcement (translated from Spanish)



Jesus Christ, that is horrible. My condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest in Peace.
i stand here in utter shock to find out Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius has passed away. i didn't know him personally at all, though, i have complete respect for the man that has built a great many things..... i remember using his psycle 1.7.4 program a number of years back and it seemed very clear to me he was a person to honor/pay homage to ..... with a long standing mantle of programming genius he was & always will be remembered for.
See u forever...... DJ iXRaeL
Sad news indeed. :( Love from yehar/#musicdsp
Rest in peace my friend! :(
A good friend passed away.. it's been a while now thought, but the significance remains :( i remember discussing the possibilities in Psycle a lot back then.. see ya man!
I'm a really Renoise freak. It was THE tracker continuing the scandinavian oldskool tracker-like interface where notes are falling down. I really prefer Renoise (TWNN) above left to right win applications like fruityloops and many other. TWNN gave me that oldskool tracker interface with new DISTORT! and Cutoff/ Resonance control. For me he was the first giving me that ability in tracking and use only computer- applications to create good (semi)professional recordings. Today the 1st of April i 2009 was looking for an old copy of TWNN and then... . Thank you for your very usefull software Juan. I will always remember you. C64-Amiga-PC scene BLASTS!..
It's been two years to the day and it still hurts to think about his passing. I hope you're being treated well in wherever, Arguru. =(
I'm very sad to read this. I use your software since many years.. thank you for all Arguru, rest in peace.
Found out who Arguru was on wikipedia yesterday, and today i read that he has died. Obviously a genius of a man, respect.
i was actually trying to find some contact info to thank this guy. after switching from amiga to pc, i've been searching for an amiga-style tracker and i've been working for years now on his noisetrekker... really sad news. he definitely brought music to my life. respect.
En nombre de la familia de Juan Antonio agüelles ¨Arguru¨, quiero dar las gracias a todas las personas que han sentido su muerte.
a translation of the above message from spanish: "On behalf of Arguru's family, I thank all people who were touched by his death."
this is why deadmau5 make the song Arguru
I just found out about this horrible loss that occurred more than three years ago, when searching for more information about the wonderful programs of his, Saiko r7 & 10r9. I can not remember when I first started playing with and greatly enjoying Saiko, but I really do love them, and it makes me very sad to read about the death of such an inspired and inspiring musician and programmer. Not having used any of his other creations, I ask you not to forget Saiko. It was difficult to find any information about Arguru on Facebook, until I made a search on his full name finding a page that so far only contains information collected from Spanish Wikipedia. (Searching for Arguru gave a lot of links to Deadmau5 but I saw none explicitly about Arguru himself.) Johan Adler Stockholm, Sweden
Very sad and a huge loss. 3 years too late but sincere condolancies to family and friends. A genius lost, RIP.
Terrible loss , RIP brother , Thank you
I seek after Saiko and I see that... I think I'll play with it differently now. Condolences.
You are not forgotten!
Hope you're resting in peace buddy, we're not forgetting about you.
In honor of your memory. You made this in 2000.. RIP
Rest in peace. You are missed.
Paying my respects. Thank you for creating so much cool and free software. Yours is truly a generous and extremely intelligent soul with a passion for creation. You have made your mark on the world.