Submit your XRNT Device Chains!

The testing of Renoise 1.9 betas continue. We all hope you're doing your very best to hunt out those bugs. Right now we need a little creativity for a project - we need effect chains in the XRNT format. If you have made some interesting FX combinations, let the world hear them and let us include them into the final release. Please use only internal Renoise FX for the device chains, so that they always work out of the box without having this or that VST installed. Have a look at some of the examples here and submit your own: Be as basic or as adventurous as you like. We need a little bit of everything. Here's some Foo? ideas: - EQ and filter chain for making slick bass. - Send: Magical verb. - Send: Magical delay. - Glitchy gating. - Pad echo. - Dirty Drum Warmth. - Vocal processing. - Sludge. - LFO Madness. - etc. etc. Let's go! The more idiosyncratic the better!