Competition: Optimize the hell out of your song

Trackers have always been about getting the most out of little. Big productions from tiny bed rooms. Epic songs in kilobytes rather than megabytes. And most importantly, all that through your personal computer instead of a multi-million dollar studio.

Lately we've been spoiled with elaborate plugins, unlimited channels and an ever more powerful growing CPU. At the cost of the true ninja tracker spirit.

So here's a competition in honor of the tracker legacy. We'd like you to create a kick-ass song, using computer resources as efficiently as possible. In fact, you will need to optimize the hell out of your song if you want to win the grand prize: an Indamixx Netbook

Indamixx Netbook

To enter this competition, go to Create Digital Music.

Deadline: October 15

We'll launch a public upload, comment and voting system soon.