The Efficient Music Competition - Extended to 25 Oct

The "optimize your song like hell" aka Renoise/Indamixx/CDM compo has a new name; The Efficient Music Competition. We have just opened a new mini-site on, where you can upload and download songs, discuss optimization techniques and vote for competition entries - in a special kind of way.

the Efficient Music Competition site

Together with the new website and new name, we have a new deadline as well: October 25th.

The Efficient Music Competition

The goal of the competition remains the same. You have to write a song in Renoise that is efficient enough to run on a netbook. One would think that's not too hard, considering trackers have been around since man made fire and PCs had the brainpower of a cobblestone. It appears we have been spoiled with high quality effects nowadays, turning the concept into a worthy challenge.