Vote for Efficient Music

The The Efficient Music Competition is almost over and we want YOU to vote. The submitted songs combine awesomeness with low CPU usage which is exactly what we are looking for. All that remains is picking the winning song. Vote now - the voting booths are closing this Sunday.

We will conclude the Efficient Music Competition with an internet radio show hosted by MC Ron from Indamixx. He is going to broadcast a selection of the songs in record chart style. The show starts with the low tiers and moves up to the number one. The winner of the competition gets the Indamixx Netbook. The radio station will be at under channel "Renoise Competition". Stay tuned for the exact broadcast time.

Note that the competitions songs are also excellent learning material. Just in case you're looking for examples in the form of self-contained Renoise XRNS songs that don't rely on VSTs... Well, here they are.