Mutant Breaks #6 Recap

Mutant breaks is an unorganized and mostly unadvertised yearly contest where experimental breakbeat producers come together to judge and be judged - Then the votes are thrown out the window and winners are chosen through random, poorly enacted, performance art. Cash prizes!


Mutant Breaks #5 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! Thanks to No Weapon for letting us shoot the announcement in their studio. As promised here's the video of my daughter eating cake.


Mutant Breaks #5

The 5th annual Mutant Breaks is so unorganized I'm not even going to bother posting anything about it. Click to click.


Mutant Breaks #4 Winner Announcement

We've got a winner! As promised here's the video of my daughter picking the winning piece of paper from a hat.


Download the Mutant Breaks #4 Vote Pack now!

Here is the vote pack: [194 MB]

There are 23 songs in this pack. Participants must pick and post their top 3 in the Mutant Breaks Competition #4 thread or they are disqualified. The top 10 go into a hat. My ~18 month old daughter picks a winner. I will make a YouTube video of this.


Proud to Announce the First Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate

We're proud to announce the first Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate. Almost there! Registered users can download their copies from the Backstage. And for the first time in the 2.7 release cycle, unregistered users can check out the Renoise 2.7 Demo.


Remixta Episode 7

Remixta exclusively features works from the Renoise community. Podcast Number 7 is now avilable at:


Remixta 6 - Live Internet Radio Show, Saturday 16:00 GMT

You may have missed your chance to witness it live, but fortunately it has been recorded: Remixta First Time Live - Episode 6.


Renoise Video: Beginner's Tutorial

With the help of Achenar (i.e. Earthen Records), we've  produced a new video for beginners. Check out the Renoise Homepage to watch it. Me personally? I'm a fan of the thick Scottish accent. There's even a Japanese (日本語) version on YouTube (click the triangular button in the bottom right corner, and turn ON the captions). Pass it on.



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