Renoise Video: Beginner's Tutorial

With the help of Achenar (i.e. Earthen Records), we've  produced a new video for beginners. Check out the Renoise Homepage to watch it. Me personally? I'm a fan of the thick Scottish accent. There's even a Japanese (日本語) version on YouTube (click the triangular button in the bottom right corner, and turn ON the captions). Pass it on.



Cool. It's like learning from a pirate!
It was very nice, he presented the basic things in a logical order where i doubt anyone could make a mistake, in that case they could just rewind a time or two. But he did so in an effective and fast-paced way, which i liked very much. Having watched too many "teacher" videos in my life on youtube and the likes, this felt like a fresh breeze... most videos just put you to sleep because they always use 3 minutes to say something that could be said in 5 seconds and still it's badly explained. This video however was just very effective and elegant. I hope he will make more of these! (and not only beginner's stuff, cause there are surely some advanced techniques in renoise that i don't know of myself)