Remixta 6 - Live Internet Radio Show, Saturday 16:00 GMT

UPDATE You may have missed your chance to witness it live, but fortunately it has been recorded: Remixta First Time Live - Episode 6.

We just received this last minute announcement from everyone’s favorite Estonian radio host, DJ Suva:

“Yeah, that’s right. This time I am going to broadcast the recording of the show itself over Shoutcast. To listen you need, winamp, iTunes, rhythmbox, or any other music player capable of playing shoutcast stream with AAC+ encoding.

The link to tune in will be posted in this forum and Renoise IRC shortly before the broadcast will begin at exactly 16:00 GMT.

The recorded show will be uploaded to later in 192kbps mp3 format.

You can all join in for fun and chat on Renoise IRC during the show. You can still recommend me the songs you want to be played before the show in this thread or with PM. You can also request songs during the show, but don’t expect all the requests to be fulfilled.

So be prepared!”

Remixta is a radio show featuring music exclusively made by Renoise users. To get into the mood, check out the previous shows here: