Proud to Announce the First Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate

We're proud to announce the first Renoise 2.7 Release Candidate. Almost there! Registered users can download their copies from the Backstage. And for the first time in the 2.7 release cycle, unregistered users can check out the Renoise 2.7 Demo.

With the end of beta testing also comes the end of the 30% discount. But, because we're nice, we're offering a grace period. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the special price has until the 10th of May to do it. Get in there!

More goodies in the upcoming days. Watch this space for details.

Renoise 2.7 is the best



Today I talk only Renoise! My life is new page! No..... yes..... I like magic mushroom! Ha, ha, ha!
Same stuff:)
Aw crap! Today I decided to take a look at Renoise since someone on FB mentioned that it went final, and I'm a couple of days too late to take advantage of the 30% discount :( I'll buy it eventually, just can't drop 1/5 of my monthly salary on it yet. The demo will do for some more months (as it did for the past several years; I'm looking forward to finally being able to export some music, however).