Getting started with Renoise

I cooked up a little Renoise tutorial for beginners using the "How to make a jerkin' beat step-by-step tutorial" from Count the amount of times I say "alright" and win a prize.


Songs and results from the Mutant Breaks Compo 2009 'RBI Baseball'

Three strikes, you're out! Mutant Breaks Compo 2009 "RBI Baseball" is over and we have the results. Blac Waldo - Chicken Eggz 2.0 struck gold, Spodnik - Drail is a close second.


Mutant Breaks Compo 2009 - Theme: RBI Baseball

The most unorganized Renoise competition is back for round two. This year's confusing and slightly erotic "RBI BASSBALL" theme is sure to delight chiptune aficionados everywhere. With one slight twist: no chiptunes allowed.


Hunz's new album in Renoise format

Hunz - Thoughts that Move album cover

Hunz's new album "thoughts that move" has just been released. Besides that it's totally awesome, there are some notable facts to be mentioned about it.


Remixta Episode 4 - Best Tracks of 2008

This time the Remixta DJ Mix takes you all the way back to 2008 to present you some of its greatest tracks. The mix is heavier on the electronic dance music compared to the previous episode, but other styles won't be entirely left out. Although DJ Suva was trying to be objective, he couldn't ignore his DJ personality and just went with the flow. There's only so many to fit in 45 minutes, so many extremely talented artists missed the boat. Don't worry though, your time will come in another episode for sure!


Remixta Episode 2 & 3: Renoise music mixes

While the last wrinkles are ironed out for the first public demo of Renoise 2, DJ Suva showcases the best music the Renoise community has to offer.

Remixta Episode 2 is a perfect blend for the cold autumn nights in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Starts out real smooth, but near the end of the podcast the pace picks up a bit to stop you from completely dozing off. Album highlight for this episode is 3 Smargaid Maerd by Mr. Mark Dollin.


Remixta Episode 1: top retro tracks by Renoise users

How about some music while you are waiting for Renoise 2.0 to be finished? The Remixta podcast brings you the greatest works from the Renoise community.


Mutant Breaks Compo

Calling out to all the IDM/breakbeat/breakcore heads out there. Take your best shot and show what you are worth in the Mutant Breaks Compo.

Mutant Breaks Compo thread


June 27th, 2008


"The reckless pursuit of utopia at all costs, even utopia"


One Hour Compo on 18 Oct 19:30 GMT

Update: Renoise 1.9.0RC2 has just been released, so it is a double party! Rules have been changed accordingly.



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