One Hour Compo on 18 Oct 19:30 GMT

Update: Renoise 1.9.0RC2 has just been released, so it is a double party! Rules have been changed accordingly.

What: ROHC#3 - Ultra High Speed 1.9RC Celebration Music Compo
Date: 18 October
Time: 19:30 GMT (look up your local time)
Location: #renoise at EsperNet
Tool: Renoise 1.9.0RC2 (demo or full)

Bring your lunchbox.

How does the One Hour Compo work?

  1. Go to #renoise
  2. Receive sample pack link
  3. Track your song in Renoise 1.9.0RC2 with the given sample pack
  4. After one hour go back to #renoise and dcc or e-mail your song
  5. Vote after getting the song pack
  6. Win or not win


  • Your song should not give away your identity.
  • Use only the samples from the samplepack.
  • There is no theme or genre or whatsoever. Just hurry up.
  • Sample mashing inside Renoise allowed with built-in effects and features.
  • Do not vote for yourself.