Remixta Episode 2 & 3: Renoise music mixes

While the last wrinkles are ironed out for the first public demo of Renoise 2, DJ Suva showcases the best music the Renoise community has to offer.

Remixta Episode 2 is a perfect blend for the cold autumn nights in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. Starts out real smooth, but near the end of the podcast the pace picks up a bit to stop you from completely dozing off. Album highlight for this episode is 3 Smargaid Maerd by Mr. Mark Dollin.

The 3rd Remixta Episode features a surprise: an exclusive track leaked from BeatSlaughter's yet to be released new album. If that wasn't enough, DJ Suva spins a song from Saine's top contender album Break A Pattern, rightfully the showcase of this mix.

Each episode is approximately 40 minutes. Tune in here:

Remixta Episode 2
Remixta Episode 3


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fantastic! listening episode 2. can I download all those mp3's without voice-over? I'd like to burn it for a car audio :)