Hunz's new album in Renoise format

Hunz's new album "thoughts that move" has just been released. Besides that it's totally awesome, there are some notable facts to be mentioned about it.

Hey, but before continuing, why don't you start playback on the music player on the Renoise frontpage to listen to 3 songs from the album?

Hunz - Thoughts that Move album cover

Fact 1) The album was written for the RPM Challenge. Each participant gets only 28 days to write and record a full length album. Hunz managed to finish it before the deadline, which is notable in itself. But to actually deliver an album of such quality, that's truly remarkable.Would you have been able to tell it was made in such a short period?

Fact 2) Whereas most artists tuck away their project files, Hunz decided to release them for all to see to keep the demoscene spirit alive. You can open the XRNS files with Renoise to learn ninja tracking tricks, create remixes or inspect them for inspiration.

Download "Thoughts that Move" in XRNS format:
Hunz - Thoughts that Move (XRNS files)

Official announcement with MP3 and CD:
New Album is out now, it’s free! -



This is unbelievably good.
also to be noted that "Soon, soon" has been selected as a demosong for Renoise 2.1
So glad that you guys are digging this. Hunz and his band launched the album here in Brisbane last night to around 100 people. The new stuff received an excellent response - will link to YouTube videos when they're up :D Cheers, Andrew
Just incredible stuff. Always been a fan of Hunz.
I love it!!! Not heard them before! They remind me very much of Keane in a sense, which isn't a bad thing! :D This was created all in one month?!
This is so cool. It's nice to see some great old-timers are still making music in this new age. Any other trackers from back then still active? So cool.
Old-timers! Isn't that nice to hear? ;) Sure, plenty of them are still active. Legendary trackers such as Xerxes, Keith303, Mick Rippon and Vincent Voois are now respectable Renoise users. On the other hand, a lot of former demosceners are now working in the game industry. The creators of FastTracker, Triton, have started Starbreeze Studios, which you may know from the games "The Chronicles of Riddick" and "The Darkness".
This is so great! Thanks for sharing the "source code" also. Such a high quality album.
I just realised that I'd forgotten to link to the YouTube playlist of Hunz's album launch in May. How awful of me! Use this link to check out how the band plays Thoughts That Move live:
Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the chorus in Soon, Soon. Great song.
Totally awesome... :-o I will definately do a deep house remix for one or more songs
Bringing this back.. was just listening to it. Amazing job by Hunz. He has always been one step ahead..
The link to the XRNS's is dead... anybody have them? I love the album. I remember when I heard Soon Soon as a Renoise demo song and was surprised at how well vocals and trackers could fit together.
Fixed link to XRNS.
I know this is ancient history, but the link is dead; if anyone can still put up a fresh link, It would be greatly appreciated!
Fixed - check the blog post for a working link