Download the Mutant Breaks #4 Vote Pack now!

Mutant Breaks 2011 Votepack

Here is the vote pack: [194 MB]

There are 23 songs in this pack. Participants must pick and post their top 3 in the Mutant Breaks Competition #4 thread or they are disqualified. The top 10 go into a hat. My ~18 month old daughter picks a winner. I will make a YouTube video of this.

If you were not a participant you can still post, but your vote will be ignored. If some weird thing happens, like a bunch of tied tracks make it so that more than 10 are in the top, I will exercise veto power and truncate however I feel like it.

All songs in this archive are copyright, or not, their respective authors. Don't pull a Timbaland. Contact the authors before assuming anything. Sample at your own risk.

Some songs are OGG files. It's 2011, you should be able to playback Ogg Vorbis by now?! If not try:

Good times.