Sample Editor

Midi Hardware Sampler Helper

Automatically create a fully usable instrument from samples from hardware connected via line in and MIDI. Automatically plays, records, processes, and maps samples.

RubberBand-Aid: Timeshift, Pitch Correction, and Multisample Builder

A full-featured frontend for the Rubber Band time stretching and pitch manipulation library that provides the ability to time-stretch or pitch correct any sample or selection thereof, and includes a multisample generator for building sample-based instruments that maintain attack, decay, and vibrato across the entire keyboard. Well-documented, with intuitive keyboard shortcuts for making edits FAST.

Slice Importer

This double function allows copying or pasting the slice markers of the first sample between instruments.

Remember that it is necessary to always work on the first sample! If you copy more slice markers than those allowed by the target sample, they will only be pasted until the last allowed marker.

Access: "Sample Editor/Slices/~Copy Markers... (or ~Paste Markers)".

Update History

-Small code bug fixed and the logo reviewed.

-First Release.


SamRender is a small tool created by ulneiz to render and load the resulting wave into a specific sample. SamRender can render the entire song (Entire Song), multiple slots selection inside matrix editor (Matrix Sel.), a specific sequence range (Seq. Range) or a range of lines of a particular pattern (Lines Patt.). It uses a temporary buffer to store a wav file, which it then loads into a sample to choose from.


This tool makes it easy to slice a sample from within the pattern editor. Use it to remix and re-arrange existing (rendered) songs, or to extract snippets.


This tool works by slicing a sample into smaller segments when the signal is crossing the zero threshold (also known as a 'zero crossing').

Use it to create raw wavetable materials, or generate microtonal harmonics from pretty much any type of sound.
Instructions are provided with the tool (click the 'Help' button)

Chop Sample

Chop a sample into equal slices.

Run it from the right-click menu in the Sample Editor or bind it to a keyboard shortcut: Sample Editor --> Slices --> Chop Sample

Update 0.2: Compatible with Renoise 3.1

Batch Adjust Bit Depth

Adjust the bit depth of all samples in the current instrument to 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits. Useful for shrinking song file size or when preparing to export sample packs as 16- or 24-bit.

Optionally, only change samples whose bit depths are currently higher -- i.e., don't upsample. This avoids increasing file size when some samples in the instrument are already smaller (e.g. 8-bit).

Slice N Exact

An automated way to create evenly spaced markers. Very simple tool, small improvements to be made on short term. As of now, works via keyboard shortcut only (in the preferences Keys section search for "Slice 'n' Exact"). Works on an entire sample.


Adds custom volume slopes / boosts


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