Sample Slicing


This tool works by slicing a sample into smaller segments when the signal is crossing the zero threshold (also known as a 'zero crossing').

Use it to create raw wavetable materials, or generate microtonal harmonics from pretty much any type of sound.
Instructions are provided with the tool (click the 'Help' button)

Chop Sample

Chop a sample into equal slices.

Run it from the right-click menu in the Sample Editor or bind it to a keyboard shortcut: Sample Editor --> Slices --> Chop Sample

Update 0.2: Compatible with Renoise 3.1

Slice My Pitch Up

Take sample slice processing to another level. This tool has three modules that let you slice up a sample and then transpose each slice up or down at a set rate. each slice can can also be looped and cross faded. Great for creative sound design and also beat mashing.

Basic Usage

There are 3 modules that can be activated or bypassed:

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