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A tool that gives excellent opportunity to experiment making your own chiptunes. Now fully keyboard operated since v2.2. Since the version numbering on this page does not play nice, the most recent...


Make supersaw instruments, or Unisonize any single-sample instrument the parameters & "what they do": Detune count = 1 to 7, makes extra saws (times 2) (detune steps) "One Tuned" decides if the...


Duplicate current pattern in-pattern (shortcut for clone, select, join in sequence editor) New version with MIDI bind option

Instrument Mixer

Adds a shortcut key to launch a fully keyboard-operable mixer window for multi-sample instruments. Modus Operandi: Left/Right arrows select sample Up/Down arrows adjust volume I/O adjust panning K/L...

Slice N Exact

An automated way to create evenly spaced markers. Very simple tool, small improvements to be made on short term. As of now, works via keyboard shortcut only (in the preferences Keys section search...

Mash Up

Enables ways to "Mash Up" samples like potatoes. Mash up can autochop a sample to pieces and refile them to a new sample in a style honouring Picasso. Using the "Slow down" and "Speed up" shortcuts,...


Adds custom volume slopes / boosts


Menus and Keyboard shortcuts for * a tool window to help show certain parameters in the mixer (like all automated, all controlled/modulated, all bound via midi) * toggling all parameters on currently...

Change Block Loop Size

Shortcuts for doubling and halving the block loop size.

Best Views

Best Views is a simple view keyboard shortcut add-on/enhancement especially targeted at laptops and other smaller / widescreen resolutions. The following shortcuts are added: Pattern Editor/Mixer/...

Auto Add New Instrument

Auto add new instrument / sample when pressing (Shift)Numpad+ while on the last instrument.. find the 4 keyboard shortcuts by searching for "select or add" in the prefs window "Keys" in renoise

Push Back

Liveish groove tool 3 Midi binds for Volume, Panorama and Delay values. These binds work as follows: If edit step is 0, only current row is affected. If edit step is bigger, e.g. 16, every 16th row...

Sir Dancealot

Tell me, sir Lancelot, do you... dance a lot? This tool is very good at quick insertion of FX in the chain of the currently selected track. Forget the mouse, use the keyboard. modus operandi / notes...

Play and Loop Pattern

Keyboard shortcut to 'loop pattern' just like the shortcut for 'block loop' (NumPad Enter) works. (AltGr replacement)

Midi Zoom Select

Gives the possibility to position left/right zoom, selection, and loop markers with midi control. Selection and Loop are computed relative to the current zoom.

Broaden Selection

This tool gives you six easy to use extra shortcuts. The first three (labeled 'Broaden Selection') give possibility to make a selection in pattern editor song-wide (or just to the left, or to the...

Slice Master

Keyboard shortcut to set all samples' parameters in current instrument to the parameters of the first sample (hint: don't use sync, use the 'T' button next to it!) parameters copied: volume, pan,...

Group Selected Tracks

Groups all tracks in Pattern Editor selection (Ctrl+G replacement)