Sample Editor

Mash Up

Enables ways to "Mash Up" samples like potatoes. Mash up can autochop a sample to pieces and refile them to a new sample in a style honouring Picasso. Using the "Slow down" and "Speed up" shortcuts, it can also generate certain 'skipping' sped up and 'doubling' slown down sounds. It also can make random beat hit series out of a sliced loop.


Easily create evenly spaced slices from the sample selection or entered values

Midi Zoom Select

Gives the possibility to position left/right zoom, selection, and loop markers with midi control. Selection and Loop are computed relative to the current zoom.


A tool that gives excellent opportunity to experiment making your own chiptunes. Now fully keyboard operated since v2.2.
Since the version numbering on this page does not play nice, the most recent version can be found on my dedicated tools page at .
how it works in a nutshell:

Phase invert sample

This tool inverts the phase of selected sample. Access the tool via keybinding (Sample editor - Process - Phase Invert) or sample editor context menu (Process -> Phase Invert).

Inversion can be done to a selected part of the sample, or the whole sample (no selection).

v1.1 - Made considerable speed optimization by decreasing the status bar update interval. It was hogging all the power... Also put in some additional status messages.

v1.2 - Corrected a bug which would cause an error when using tool on empty samples. (thanks, cocoa!)


A sample generator which allows you to generate oscillators with harmonic overtones. It is inspired by ZynAddSubFx's oscillator editor and based on It-Alien's wave generator.

Updated to work with Renoise 2.7 by Vincent Voois


- fixed a bug when creating a new document, causing the tool to crash
- fixed a bug where the phase shift value was not set for modulators, causing the tool to crash
- fixed a bug where the modulators used the wrong harmonics, causing an unexpected waveform

- up to 256 harmonic overtones (before: 64)

Add/Remove silence

Adds the ability to either destructively remove silent parts of a sample (sounds that fall below a threshold), and the ability to add silence to the end or beginning of a sample. The latter can often be useful for FX processing. Shows up as 'Add Silence...' and 'Remove Silence...' in the Sample Editor's 'Process' context menu.

Sample channels swapper

Swaps stereo sample channels. Supports selection.


This script lets you select two samples and morph the first one into the other by creating an user definable number of intermediate samples.
The size of the resulting samples will be the same of the first source sample.


Impulse Tracker shortcuts, non-Renoise shortcuts, midi controls, VST/AU shortcuts.. and tweaks. 2nd keybinds, etc.


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