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Custom Wave Synth

A sample generator which allows you to create complex new short, looped samples, using up to 6 oscillators and oscillator modulation. Creates a menu entry 'Generate Custom Wave' in the sample editor'...

Automation multiplier

This script adds a context menu entry to multiply the current automation curve by a given value.

Sample Slicer

Divides a sample into a batch of new small samples of equal size. This can be useful to create drum kits from loops, or to split long waves into smaller ones that should be triggerd pattern by...

Hex-Dec Converter

This is a very simple hexadecimal-decimal converter to rapidly convert between these two number bases which are frequently used in Renoise. Can avoid some headaches. This tool can be reached through...

Add/Remove Silence

Adds the ability to either destructively remove silent parts of a sample (sounds that fall below a threshold), and the ability to add silence to the end or beginning of a sample. The latter can often...

Sample Morpher

This script lets you select two samples and morph the first one into the other by creating an user definable number of intermediate samples. The size of the resulting samples will be the same of the...

Select track shortcuts

Adds MIDI/PC keyboard shortcuts to select tracks directly. Both types of mapping are filed under Pattern Editor:Track:Select Track #...

Sample Channels Swapper

Swaps stereo sample channels. Supports selection. Adds a context menu entry in "Sample Editor:Process" and also a keybinding.