A tool that gives excellent opportunity to experiment making your own chiptunes. Now fully keyboard operated since v2.2.
Since the version numbering on this page does not play nice, the most recent version can be found on my dedicated tools page at .
how it works in a nutshell:


Make supersaw instruments, or Unisonize any single-sample instrument

the parameters & "what they do":
Detune count = 1 to 7, makes extra saws (times 2) (detune steps)
"One Tuned" decides if the base sample that stays on finetune = 50% = 0 deviation, is on (volume 0dB) or off
Detune = 0 to 127 max detuning of saws


PadSynth is a sample generator that uses the algorithm designed by Nasca Octavian Paul. The idea behind this synth is that you describe the frequency spectrum of a sound, by assigning values to its harmonics. The sound is then generated from this spectrum, but with a twist: a "spread" is applied to the harmonics, so that the sound feels more "natural", less exact and digital.


A sample generator which allows you to generate oscillators with harmonic overtones. It is inspired by ZynAddSubFx's oscillator editor and based on It-Alien's wave generator.

Updated to work with Renoise 2.7 by Vincent Voois


- fixed a bug when creating a new document, causing the tool to crash
- fixed a bug where the phase shift value was not set for modulators, causing the tool to crash
- fixed a bug where the modulators used the wrong harmonics, causing an unexpected waveform

- up to 256 harmonic overtones (before: 64)


ReSynth is a cross-platform native pseudo-realtime synthesizer tool for Renoise.

Custom Wave Synth

A sample generator which allows you to create complex new short, looped samples, using up to 6 oscillators and oscillator modulation. Creates a menu entry 'Generate Custom Wave' in the sample editor's context menu (right click on an empty sample wave form).

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