Sample Generator


Sample generator based on Karplus-Strong synthesis.

First upload outside forum.


Creates samples by combining individual harmonic parts.

Initial release

Rewrite rendering.
Added more basic waves.
Added some saturators / waveshapers /
Added adjustable Morpher + master volume
Added still experimental formant filter. /need change few coeffs /

Almost Drums

AlmostDrums is a tool for creating drum samples.
Three basic algorithms for creating kick, snare and hihat are functional.
The fourth algorithm uses the Karplus-Strong adapted for the creation of "drum" sounds.
With a short source and a longer sample, you can still create a "string" sound.

initial release

master volume for all
volume for noise and drum in snare section
fixed bug in kick selector
fixed wrong samplerate + changed bitrate.
now all samples will be 44100 / 16 instead of 8000 / 32 :)


MorphSynth is a (somewhat experimental) sample generator capable of creating complex waveforms through the combination of morphing oscillators, two operators FM and ring modulation.


PadSynth is a sample generator that uses the algorithm designed by Nasca Octavian Paul. The idea behind this synth is that you describe the frequency spectrum of a sound, by assigning values to its harmonics. The sound is then generated from this spectrum, but with a twist: a "spread" is applied to the harmonics, so that the sound feels more "natural", less exact and digital.

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