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EQ Helper

Adds menu entries to each EQ/filter and tracks for transposing by semitones. Supplies a “live-transpose" slider to transpose either only one eq/filter device, all eqs/filters in a track, in the...

Unified Value Shift And Transpose

Unified Value Shift And Transpose by ffx HERE IS SOME BASIC STEP-BY-STEP: https://forum.renoise.com/t/thanks-for-updating-the-native-dsp-context-m... This tool provides you with an universal value...

Native DSP Context Menu

Adds a context menu for quickly adding Renoise's native + legacy effects only. You can configure it so it also shows legacy devices. See options under tools menu. Based on Gova's insert-dsp-pone.

Midi Convert w/ extended export

Extended version of conner_bw's original midi convert tool, including danoise's additions from 2017. It extends the export of the tool, including pitchbend, aftertouch, vsti parameter and midi cc...

Quick Template

An extremely simple tool for creating/loading multiple song templates instead only one. A menu entry will appear in the file menu. You have to setup the save path in the tool preferences first.

Multijump From/To Send

MULTIJUMP FROM/TO SEND V1.3b Tool for quickly stepping thru all target send tracks of a source tracks and vice versa. Modified version with two commands "Jump to send" "Jump from send"   It is...

GUI Automation Recorder

GUI Automation Recorder This tool adds the ability to record mouse movements on controls of VST / AudioUnit plugins (instruments and fx) directly from the plugins’ GUIs. Configure this tool via the...

Tuned Shortcuts

Tuned Shortcuts by ffx This is a collection of shortcuts aiming at a faster and more simple keyboard based editing and recording workflow. It also provides you with alternatives to the vanilla...