Instrument Box

Combine Instruments

Copies samples from the instruments in the selected range into a new instrument.

Random Plug

A tool that suggests a random instrument and a random effect plug to load. Also when a plugin instrument is loaded and makes its presets available in renoise you can select them at random using the Preset button which will have turned green.

-V0.59 When the sampler is focused with a selected fx device chain, the plug will load the effect there instead of to the main track

SAI & Phrases Importer

Provides two separate panels for:
- "Save all instruments": save all XRNI instruments of the current song in a folder of your choice (use coroutines).
- "Phrases Importer": import all XRNZ phrases between selected instruments. Select a origin and a destiny instrument index to import.
Access: Instrument box: "~Save All Instruments..." or "~Phrases Importer..."

Change Sample Properties

This tool allows you to globally change various options for all samples inside one instrument or all samples in all instruments instead of only one sample. (for instance by changing the interpolation to the lowest quality, you can save yourself some CPU consumption with one click.)
Simply change the values of the properties you would like to change, check the checkbox in front of it and hit the change button!.

Convert Instrument Number

This tool will take the pattern instrument numbers and convert them to the currently selected instrument, for the chosen range.

Accessed via the right-click menu of the instrument box and available user shortcuts.


"Convert (Track in Pattern) Instruments to Currently Selected"
"Convert (Whole Track) Instruments to Currently Selected"
"Convert (Selection in Pattern) Instruments to Currently Selected"

Menu Location:

Instrument Box: Convert Notes in : "Track "..etc

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