EQ Helper

Adds menu entries to each EQ/filter and tracks for transposing by semitones.

Supplies a “live-transpose" slider to transpose either only one eq/filter device, all eqs/filters in a track, in the signal flow or in the whole song.

Picture the signal flow roughly as a tree structure, starting with the master or a send track as the root node (with possible parallel routing, too) until the leaf nodes, which can be either the playing tracks or even the instrument dsp lanes.

Missing Plugins Info Simplified

This tool adds an alternative entry to the Song Menu for listing missing song plugins.

It gives a simplified list of FX plugins (listed one time each) with no track info listed either, for easier visual scanning vs the renoise native feature.

Known issue: Will list any user added text dividers in the instrument list as the tool has to check for text with no plug or sample slots present to ‘guess’ that it is a missing plug.

-Missing Instruments should be found better now

Random Plug

A tool that suggests a random instrument and a random effect plug to load. Also when a plugin instrument is loaded and makes its presets available in renoise you can select them at random using the Preset button which will have turned green.

-V0.59 When the sampler is focused with a selected fx device chain, the plug will load the effect there instead of to the main track

Nudge Track Delay

Gives fine control nudge buttons for the renoise track delays with the bonus of working on group tracks and nudging all the sub-tracks by the selected amount.

Shortcut: Nudge Track Delay

Menu: Tools: Ledger’s Scripts: Nudge Track Delay

Mix Balancer

What it`s for:

This tool is to help you achieve a balanced mix more quickly. It features 4 Gain-Nudge Buttons, which apply to the tracks post-faders. There are two modes of action:

The Gain Nudge buttons effect the current track post-faders and all other tracks post-faders will be moved in the opposite direction. Similar to a Tilt EQ.

The Gain Nudge buttons effect the current track post-faders only.

Tags: Mixer, Mixing, Helper

Native DSP Context Menu

Adds a context menu for quickly adding Renoise's native + legacy effects only.
You can configure it so it also shows legacy devices. See options under tools menu.
Based on Gova's insert-dsp-pone.


A helper for when you are mixing and want to zoom in on the details of a particular track, as an alternative to full solo.

GUI has:
1) [BPM Buttons]

to speed or slow the BPM by 30. The original song BPM is shown in the text above.

2) Track selection popup

choose track you wish to solo

3) [Spotlight Solo button]:

Device Sergeant

Device Sergeant allows you to to have macro style control of all devices in the mixer of the same name.

To Use

Open the tool and navigate to the device you want to use as a master device. You can rename all devices that already share the same name using the text field. Alternatively name a few by hand to group them together for the tool. (devices must be of the same type)

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